Space travel

If I’m not mistaken, the Bible says that satan is the prince of this world. So let’s imagine for a second that it’s the year 3013, and humans have colonized other planets and other galaxies, with elaborate cities just like here on Earth (assuming Jesus Christ has not returned by this point in time). Does that mean that there will be no evil on those colonies?

My logic in this is that, if satan is the prince of this world, then he can cause evil to happen on this world. The Bible says nothing about him being the prince of other worlds, so to me, that seems like he would have no affect on the people living on these other worlds.

The Bible uses a lot of figurative language. “The world” means all of creation, not necessarily just the planet Earth; just like how “40 days/years” generally means “a time of trial”.

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This world (also translated as age) refers to the pre-second coming age not planet earth. The new world/age refers to the second coming. Satan can wreak havoc anywhere. :slight_smile:

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If my memory serves me right, 3013 is the year Hanse Davion assumes the throne of the Federated Suns and begins plotting his unjust war against the Capellan Confederation–so, plenty of sin going around then it appears.

Well we also have that ‘wickedness’ in our hearts.
“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” -James 17:9

I don’t know, I say it’s still worth a shot (lends nobility to the excercise). I need to get as far away as possible.

St. Michael protect us.

You Capellan dog! Just you wait till we reach Sian and grab Max by the scruff of his neck! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :nunchuk: :nerd:

Yes, I know The FedSuns never actually totally conquered the Cappellans in the 4th SW, sigh… and then completely dropped the ball on the areas they DID conquer… and then lost… it… to… the… Chaos March… so… yeah… BUT AT LEAST THEY’RE NOT THE FREE WORLDS LEAGUE… :rolleyes: :blush: :smiley:

Lousy Fedrat. Lol.

:rotfl: Guilty as charged.


I know that HH JP II gave an opinion to Fr. John Fearon, OP, that “To be Catholic, one muse be merely be a reasoning intelligent being, capable of understanding the sacraments. Why do you ask?” (circa 1986. Fr. John asked because I asked him.

If aliens can be Catholic, then logically, they are in fact capable of committing sins, and thus can be affected by satan.

I once planted my tongue firmly in my cheek and asked, if Satan was the god of this world, could we escape him by moving to Mars. Someone answered that we’d probably take him with us :stuck_out_tongue:

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