SpaceX Crew-1 launch today

A crew of four will be sent to the International Space Station for an extended mission.
Among them is Colonel Mike Hopkins of Space Force, who is a former Methodist who was received into the Catholic Church, to join his wife and children.

God speed!

Space Force is a real thing? I thought it was still ion the drawing board.

Not sure is you are sarcastically joking, or what. But yes Space force is a real thing and about time we get one. After all, we are communicating in these here forum through space communication.

Hopefully not. Usual Internet communication is through land-based leased lines, and sometimes microwave towers in a pinch. Satellite communications is of limited availability and high latency; it is suitable only for specific applications.

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What you speak of is a line of sight communications. AS long as there is sight from point to point, there is communications. Others do landlines, and the same goes for that.

Our communications are from Line of sight mostly. We do not have line of sight from one state to the next. Many times the line of sight is not even possible in the same town. So we raise the communication “Tower” and we use satellites to move the communications for father distance. But this are done mainly through specific satellites and specific locations of communications that have line of sight to those satellites.

GPS, Video, Data and Voice communications to name the more popular, are through satellites. Take the satellites out and you can weaken a nation.


That kind of depends on the pathway from your computer to the CAF servers. Most internet communication though will be over wires, cables, or other material. Though Facebook and SpaceX have been working on getting a satellite based infrastructure put in place that will be affordable to people that otherwise don’t have decent access.

Incidentally, word of a season 2 of a series by the same name was announced today.

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What do they mean by “nominal?”

“Nominal” is NASA-speak for “good”, “operating within expected parameters”.

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I wanna fly away on a space ship :slightly_smiling_face:

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Rendezvous with the ISS is coming up in about 4 hours (04:00 UTC) and they’re completing a series of burns so that they can line up. Meanwhile the commentators are keeping up with questions posed on Twitter. (I want to ask them who does their hair?)

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