SpaceX rocket ship lifts off with 2 Americans

They’re safe.

Nice to have something unifying to talk about




I’m always baffled at my response to any news on space matters. I, quite frankly, have very few things that I find less interesting than space. It’s just not at the top of my list of things to study much about. However, from moon landing to Sky Crane Curiosity rover to shuttle launches every single time I cry. Not just tear up, legit cry and it makes no sense.

I’m glad they’re safe.

I think the significance of today’s launch is the capability to put human beings in space from the USA is restored. The USA has been dependent on russia for that.

That said, I dont think humans will ever make any place that isn’t earth a long term habitat.


best post ever

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With everything revolving around earth, it’s all happening here anyway. Lol
It was a cool launch I agree.

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When you really think about it, empty space is kind of uninteresting . You need" something" to spark interest

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I’d be excited about this, except that based on what I’ve read, I don’t much care for Elon Musk.

Congrats to the astronauts who left Earth yesterday. Good choice!:wink:


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