Spacing of children always wrong?


Would it be morally licit to enter into a marriage covenant with the mindset that “we aren’t going to have kids for x number of years” even if the birth control method was NFP? I am a college student and I see many of my Catholic friends getting married, being faithful to the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception, yet saying from the get-go, “We’re going to wait a few years to have children…” I would like to know what the Church says about this sort of thing. Thanks.


Dear TAC,

Contraception is not immoral because it can be used to space the births of children. It is immoral because in contra-cepts. To delay the conception of children for selfish reason can be wrong even if one is not contracepting. But there are many valid, moral reasons for delaying the conception of children: financial, health,
completion of education, etc. These could redound to the benefit of the family and are not selfish at all.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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