Spain has 1st known case of person contracting Ebola outside Africa


Spain has 1st known case of person contracting Ebola outside Africa.




Yes, this is sad.

What seems to be so “scary” about this disease is that it takes awhile to really show any kind of symptoms.

Not only that, but according to the article in the link, the nursing assistant just had a fever. A fever can be an indicator for any number of illnesses.


Yes, a fever can be from many things. But I know I don’t get fevers very often. If I had a fever within a month of being around an Ebola patient I’d be very concerned I had Ebola myself. In fact I’d assume I did until proven otherwise. I’m shocked that this person went about life normally for a week given the facts as they are present.

Also, now quite a few health care workers who treat Ebola patients have gotten Ebola. If these people, who are taking the recommended precautions, get Ebola then the precautions are not sufficient. This would seem to be very bad news for humanity as they won’t shut the borders or quarantine travelers, they are brining back Ebola patients to non-infected regions, and most of us don’t even have the protection health care workers have.


Apparently she went on a week-long vacation immediately after caring for the priest. Perhaps she didn’t want to spoil her holiday?

A second nurse who cared for the priest has been placed in isolation after she complained of symptoms. She is being tested for infection.


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