Spain's new cardinal says homosexuality a 'defect'

Madrid (AFP) - Pope Francis’ newly chosen Spanish cardinal, 84-year-old Fernando Sebastian Aguilar, has described homosexuality as a “defect” that can be corrected with treatment, sparking condemnation from gay rights groups.

Sounds like the same thing the Church has been saying for 2,000 yrs. :smiley:

Clearly a hater since he doesn’t condone the behavior and wants to help the afflicted. /sarc

I, for one, believe that homosexuality is a defect or a mental illness that is caused by either one of two things: some type of severe trauma as a child (like abuse or a death) or something that occurred in the womb due to something that the mother might have done or just something unfortunate that happened (just like when babies are born with other mental illnesses). There was even a thread yesterday in which a neurologist said that pregnant women who smoke place their children at a greater risk for becoming homosexual in their later development.

I mean, since homosexuality is NOT natural, it is definitely not something that can come from birth in a natural sense. When the first perpetrators of homosexual acts in Sodom and Gomorrah did so, I’ m pretty sure they did it just because they felt like it out of spite for God, not because they actually felt like that was “who they were.” I think that this is where the idea of homosexuality came from and that, due to the disharmonious situaton in the world that was caused by original sin, people can divert to that unnatural mindset after getting “messed up” (for lack of a better word) as a child.

I’m not a psychologist or an expert or anything, but this makes sense to me and is just another cross that some people have to bear in their lives, remaining celibate.

Just my two cents. May God bless you all! :slight_smile:

God bless him for his courage.

Without his going into detail, it is hard to tell what the Cardinal means. What kind of defect is he talking about: a genetic defect, a hormonal defect, a developmental defect (the Freudian view), a socioemotional defect, a sociocultural defect, a spiritual or moral defect, all or several of these? And can the defect differ for different people? The part about “correcting it” is also troublesome: how should this be done and can it be done, depending on what kind of defect it is?

So you disagree with the Cardinal, who says it can be corrected with treatment.

Children certainly can be confused but conspicuously you and many other reasons leave out the Biblical cause for homosexuality, arrogance.

Furthermore, there are more ex homosexuals alive than homosexuals according to many a compilation of studies on the matter not to mention the fact that many studies of identical twins reveal that homosexuality is not biological, but rather psychological - as the Bible clearly tells us.

Bottom line is we should defer to Scripture instead of pseudo science in these matter.

Brave words.

However, the politicized nature of this debate makes it difficult for us medical scientists to do much meaningful work in this area; the “normality” of homosexuality has been decided by political fiat, leaving little incentive for proper research into causes and (dare I hope?) cures. :slight_smile:

Everything is a choice. If you find that perverse thoughts turn you on you work on changing your mindset. We can refuse to go down “the yellow brick road”. There are “straight people” who commit perverse acts, but feel that it is okay.

We hear so much about the mercy of God we forget about the wrath of God.

I agree. The homosexual lobby groups and celebrities have managed to convince the masses that you’re ‘born that way’, despite many doubts. Say anything different and you’re shouted down as a homophobe.

One group of people that is despised and whose story seems to be derided is that of the ‘ex-gays’. Those who quit the homosexual lifestyle are usually dismissed as people in denial, and that they eventually return to that lifestyle. No one seems to take their story seriously. Obviously because they want as to remian with one opinion.

Once again religion has gotten in the way of science, but that religion is liberal secularism. Population Control is a central dogma of this religion; abortion and homosexual “marriage” are among its sacraments. Disagree with them and they will persecute you, point out their errors and you will be branded a hater, which is just a new word for heretic.

Wasn’t the cardinal a secretary of John XXIII?

… never mind! Wrong cardinal! Sorry about that. :blush:

I woulf like to read the full article but the English website of that paper didn’t have it. His comments weren’t quite as shocking as the title of the article in the first post of this thread. In the article I read he said “in many cases” it is possible to change, so apparently he doesn’t think every homosexual person can change. I’m pretty sure he means changing ones orientation but with this issue I’m always confused as to whether the change spoken of is of orientation or behavior.:shrug:


Here’s what he said:

“A lot of people complain and don’t tolerate it but with all respect I say that homosexuality is a defective way of manifesting sexuality, because that has a structure and a purpose, which is procreation,” Sebastian told Malaga newspaper Sur."

Even that may be a partial quote from what people are saying. :shrug:

That’s what I was thinking. Last I looked the English language website of that paper didn’t have the full interview.

Homosexuals can change, here’s how:
Sexual attraction is a predisposition (bio or environmental) to an enjoyable action like casino, being outdoors, hunting or my favorite fishing.

It all started for me when my dad took me out for my first time fishing and I was so excited to catch a big one I had such an experience of exhilaration that I wanted to do it again. However with everyone busy plus the cost, time went by and that passion burned within me to do it again.

Original sin pushes us to try even more dangerous immoral things like Monsignor Nunzio Scarano laundering at the Vatican bank, bribery or murder. Can we learn to live a better moral life as Jesus instructed? Yes, but only if we accept we are sinners.

No, I do think that it can be treated as a mental illness and overcome. However, the person first has to acknowledge that he or she has a serious problem that needs to be addressed and corrected.


The thing that stood out to me in the article was this;

Gay and lesbian rights group Colegas called on the archbishop to retract his comment.

“We hope that Fernando Sebastian will correct his words and we note that homosexuality is not a curable disease, but homophobia is,” it said in a statement.

Nicolas Fernandez, head of the Malaga-based gay and lesbian rights group Entiende, added his condemnation;

“It is not the first time the cardinals have said we are defective,” he said, ***calling for non-discrimination legislation that would condemn such *“repugnant” ****statements.

This is what should worry people most, the bolded part. In a country such as ours that has increasingly embraced every facet of the homosexual agenda, I can clearly see in my lifetime when anyone who disagrees with them will be branded a homophobe, and legislation will indeed be passed to punish those, religious or not with no mercy, who would dare have the audacity to make such a “repugnant” statement about homosexuality…and you can make book on that! By the way…this is already happening in Canada as seen here from a Catholic Exchange article;

Fr. Alphonse de Valk, a founder of Canada’s pro-life movement and the publisher of Catholic Insight magazine. For the past year Father has been fighting a human rights complaint because he dared uphold the teachings of the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church during Canada’s contentious debate over same-sex marriage. Not content with having won the political war to re-define the world’s oldest and most sacred institution, homosexual activists are now attempting to silence the 76-year-old Basilian priest from the pulpit. What’s more, Father has been forced to pay $20,000 in legal expenses to defend himself, while the costs incurred by the government in its persecution of this priest are picked up by the taxpayer.

Yet Father is still fighting the good fight. Pastor Stephen Boissoin, Fr. de Valk’s evangelical counterpart, lost his case after publishing a letter to his local newspaper critical of homosexual activists who promote their lifestyle in schools among children as young as six. The Alberta Human Rights Tribunal ordered the pastor to pay $7,000 in various fines, publicly apologize to homosexual activists for having offended them, cease all private and public communication concerning Biblical teaching on homosexuality, and refrain from any criticism of the government process to which he was subjected. Should Boissoin fail to abide by this ruling, he could face time in jail.

Peace, Mark

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