Spanish Catholic Songs

Anyone know where I can find some common Spanish hymns and songs? There’s a few I’ve heard here and there I really like but don’t really know the titles.

What do you mean? Do you want MP3s and CD recommendations? Or do you want songsheet/hymnal recommendations?

Here’s a site that has many songs in MP3

I don’t think it’s professional singers, it’s mostly regular kids and young people who sing them. Some sound nice. I wish the choir at my parish would record a CD, lol.

One of my favorites on that site is in the album Mi Canto Joven, it’s
#19 Yo No Soy Nada (There a Eucharist picture and John Paul II)

This site is just what i was looking for!:slight_smile: I just have one issue to clear before I leave my computer on all night to download, is it legal? Do you know? I really really hope it is.

Yes, I e-mailed one of the priests and he said that the songs are free for download and for your own personal use.

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