Spanish Football Incident - Sevilla vs Getafe

Last night, i sat down to watch the first matches of La Liga in Spain. As a HUGE football (soccer) fan, i love the Spanish league as it always so exciting to watch!

Last night, the opening game broadcast in Scotland was Sevilla vs Getafe. After 35 minutes, one of the Sevilla defenders was running back towards his goal - he got to his 6 yard line and crouched over. He collapsed.

The camera zoomed into the player (a defender by the name of Puerta) and showed a team mate frantically trying to prevent Puerta from swallowing his tongue - he was completely out cold, but in spite of this, his eyes were wide open!!! I thought he was dead there and then.

A few moments later, he came around again and was immediately taken off the field and into the changing rooms. Here again he collapsed under the same circumstances. Immediately an ambulance was called to take him to the nearest hospital - whilst in the ambulance, he collapsed twice more, and then, once again whilst in the hospital. Nothing more was said about this throughout the game though (which Sevilla went on to win 4-1).

Today, i was reading a report on the BBC website about the game - i then noticed another headline beneath the match report - “Sevilla Defender Has Multiple Heart Attacks” - Puerta had 5 heart attacks in the space of an hour!!! At only 22 and a very fit and healthy lad, this is unthinkable!!!

Amazingly, he is still alive but in a “very serious condition” at the hospital he was taken to. It’s doubtful he’ll ever play football again.

About 10 years ago, i was watching an International match involving Cameroon in the African Nations cup - involved in this game, was a player by the name Mark Vivien Foe - during the game, he collapsed and died in the centre circle after a heart attack.

I must say it was extremely difficult to watch last night as i feared Puerta was going the same way :frowning:

He is a devout Catholic and i hope you will all keep this talented young player in your prayers this evening.

God Bless.

Scott I could not imagine going through this let alone watching it. I will keep Puerta and his family in my prayers.

Wow - what a story. My prayers for Puerta.

Absolutely tragically, Puerta has died, aged only 22 - i’m utterly devastated for his family :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I just saw that a few moments ago. Very sad indeed!

We just heard it on the news right now as I was reading this post here. Just terrible. It’s unbelievable and scary to think that someone so healthy and young can suffer a heart attack like that.

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