Spanish model became nun: Traded glamour for God


A Spanish model and actress has given up her glamorous career to become a nun.

Olalla Oliveros joined the Order of Saint Michael after she visited a shrine in Portugal.

The 36-year-old said she felt an “internal earthquake” after visiting the shrine and decided to devote her life to God.

“The Lord is never wrong. He asked if I will follow him and I could not refuse,” she told the National Catholic Register.

Her agent said she did not make the decision because of a flagging career and she had been offered a role in a movie just before becoming a nun.

She made the swap four years ago, but has only now spoken about her life-changing decision.

She is known as Sister Olalla del Si de Maria and has been pictured in her habit though she did admit she initially found it “absurd” to dress as a nun.


She made a wise trade!!! Oh, how I wish that I would have become a monk when I was younger. God bless her!

LOVE! :heart:


Wow this is unbelievable and she is amazing. She chose to serve the Lord and passed up the glamour and fame. This might be her mission in life.



It really is incredible that she answered the call!

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