Spanish parliament to extend rights to apes

Spanish parliament to extend rights to apes
Wed Jun 25, 2008 4:27pm EDT
By Martin Roberts

MADRID (Reuters) - Spain’s parliament voiced its support on Wednesday for the rights of great apes to life and freedom in what will apparently be the first time any national legislature has called for such rights for non-humans.

Parliament’s environmental committee approved resolutions urging Spain to comply with the Great Apes Project, devised by scientists and philosophers who say our closest genetic relatives deserve rights hitherto limited to humans.

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More proof that the Relativism that is so prevalent on the left has rendered them incapable of logical thinking. :whacky:

“our evolutionary comrades”?

Hi Bobo.

Look, you’ve got rights now.

Bobo! Don’t eat that Bobo! Bobo!

Meanwhile, workers in Spain ask, “They aren’t going to use apes for cheap labor, are they?”

God help us,

I seriously thought this would be from The Onion.

Doesn’t Spain go through swings of ultra-liberalism and conservativism?

The new resolutions have cross-party or majority support and are expected to become law and the government is now committed to update the statute book within a year to outlaw harmful experiments on apes in Spain.

Much as I’m trying, I can’t see how legislation to end harmful experiments on great apes is a sign of the end of Western Civilization - Spanish conservatives obviously don’t think so.

I am finding it difficult to evaluate the legislation, since we are only getting vague news reports. The law seems to be based on the principles of the Great Ape Project which are:

We demand the extension of the community of equals to include all great apes: human beings, chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orang-utans.

The community of equals is the moral community within which we accept certain basic moral principles or rights as governing our relations with each other and enforceable at law. Among these principles or rights are the following:

  1. The Right to Life
    The lives of members of the community of equals are to be protected. Members of the community of equals may not be killed except in very strictly defined circumstances, for example, self-defense.
  1. The Protection of Individual Liberty
    Members of the community of equals are not to be arbitrarily deprived of their liberty; if they should be imprisoned without due legal process, they have the right to immediate release. The detention of those who havenot been convicted of any crime, or of those who are not criminally liable, should be allowed only where it can be shown to be for their own good, or necessary to protect the public from a member of the community who wouldclearly be a danger to others if at liberty. In such cases, members of the community of equals must have the right to appeal, either directly or, if they lack the relevant capacity, through an advocate, to a judicial tribunal.
  1. The Prohibition of Torture
    The deliberate infliction of severe pain on a member of the community of equals, either wantonly or for an alleged benefit to others, is regarded as torture, and is wrong.

Yes but, while ‘influenced’ by the spirit of the project, it’s not being adopted is it? There are still going to be great apes in zoos, for example, but the zookeepers are going to have to clean up their act.

Lots of great apes in Spain, are there? Well… learn something new every day. Probably not a good day for Spanish zoo keepers… have to go to trial to keep them confined I suppose.

This seems silly to me.

It is a depraved state of society when a government wants to give greater rights to an animal than to an unborn child. Yet this is what the Spanish government is doing.

That is why this story is worthy of attention.

My first thought was “their nuts!” :whacky: So exactly what “rights” and what “freedom” are these apes going to have? You can not have rights or freedom if you are confined to a cage in the zoo. Are they going to be allowed out in the public to do as they please? Will they be able to vote, hold jobs etc?

It seems to me they could have made a law protecting the apes from torture without granting them “rights” and “freedom”.

Hmmm, I wonder how much longer before they actually start worshiping the apes?


Legislation to end harmful experiments on apes is not a sign that civilization is endangered. Legislation that pretends apes are people, however…
[sign1]That is the :whacky:[/sign1]

I had a 7th grade science teacher say once (back in '91) “I wouldn’t be surprised if sometimes in the future, apes would be sitting right here in the science classroom”… :shrug:

Well. If you think about it, apes may be more intelligent than the Relativist :cool:

I personally am willing to fight for full rights for groundhogs. They’re not as glamorous as monkeys, but they’re animals too!

devised by scientists and philosophers who say our closest genetic relatives deserve rights hitherto limited to humans.

Hey, if they want rights, let them ask for them themselves. And pet psychics don’t count!

If women had to fight for their right to vote (not saying they’re not having that right was moral), than the animals should have to fight for their rights too.

Will the apes abide by the GAP’s principles? I certainly hope they agree to kill members of the community of equals only in self defence!

What is it with you and “Relativists”? Nearly every post of yours uses the term, but I don’t think you really know what you’re talking about, or at least you’re using the term incorrectly.

I’ve met very few people in my life who claim to be relativists (exactly one, in fact). I have, however, met many people whose views on ethics and morals differ from mine. I think you’re applying the term “relativist” to everyone who thinks differently than you, not to actual relativists (of whom there are very few).

Well, should the Spanish introduce such legislation, that might be the case.

What political party will woo the ape vote? :hmmm:

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