Spanish re-enactments of crusades offends


“We don’t support celebrating the festivals and believe there should be no room for them in modern Spain, but we all know that the Catholic Church still holds sway in our country and it is very difficult to change tradition.”

  • Ahmed Bermejo, Imam

"Although less well-known abroad than other folk festivals in Spain, like the bull-running in Pamplona, far more people flock to see dozens of picturesque towns and villages re-enact the eight-centuries-long struggle for control of the country, between followers of Christianity and Islam.

To the revellers thronging swaths of Spain every summer, the Moors and Christians events are simply an annual highlight, a way to have fun while taking pride in the country’s rich history. The Muslim community is resigned to what they see as an uncomfortable reminder of how non-Christians were once persecuted.

In Petrer, 40km inland from the Mediterranean port of Alicante, elaborate period costumes costing thousands of euros are already on display in shop windows, ready for the 400th anniversary edition of the festivities which will take place between May 15 and 19.

A tenth of Petrer’s population of 35,000 belong to 10 groups known as comparsas, half of whom dress up as Moors, the other half as Christians, for two parades which last four hours each and for which the rest of the town turns out in force. In the first parade, the Moors symbolically come out on top, in the second, the Christians win."


The Moors were there for 700 years or so.

Though I’m not positive they ever controlled the whole Iberian Peninsula.


If Moslem groups don’t like the Spanish celebrating the Crusades in which they kicked the Moors (who were foreign Moslem oppressors of the Spanish people) out of Spain, they should stay out of Spain!!! It belongs to the ethnically Spanish people - who just happen to be over 90% Catholic-. Anyone who doesn’t like that has no business in that country.
I think these Moslem groups are just trying to get cheap publicity and are only succeeding in creating resentment against themselves.


For the most part, + 1.

Spain was cleared of Moors in 1492, so the protestors, or their forebears, returned to Spain knowing it was a Catholic country. They should not expect its people to kowtow to their cultural sensitivity. Muslim countries don’t make such accommodation.



All of it, except the northern coast.



No, they didn’t control the whole Iberian Peninsula, and it is to date the longest standing war, i.e., it took 750 years for Catholics to expel Muslims from Spain (the Moors attempted to conquer Europe through the Iberian Peninsula).


The Moorish occupation of Spain was certainly no pleasant affair either with another merchant class of people kidnapping Spanish children to sell to the Moors as slaves and concubines …
only the Romans by whom barbarian Europe and the Mediterranean world were civilized have been happily labeled as villains by the entire world.

When will Italians start complaining? :rolleyes:



The title of the thread refers to the Crusades. But isn’t the article describing re-enactments of the Reconquest?:confused:

They didn’t. The north of Spain, being quite mountainous, was pretty much impenetrable to the Moors and it was from the northern provinces (particularly Asturias) that the Reconcquista began.

Although the Moors did have presence throughout most of Spain, they really weren’t significantly dominant in the central areas either (either in command posts or in population) - their strongholds were primarily in the south (the Andalusian region). The push-back gained momentum when the ethnically-Spanish tribes united as they headed southward until they eventually forced the Moors out completely.




Ah, once again an ethnic minority, that illegally entered and set up shop in Spain, expelled after several hundred years of law abiding hard work and contributing to the Spanish cultural diversity by evil Christian right wingers. And think these right wingers celebrate their privilege by rubbing the minority’s nose in their defeat. After all these illegal immigrant forefathers of today’s minority did for Spain and cultural diversity for hundreds of years, with their religion of peace, they are being shamed by these blood lusting fascist right wing Christians.


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