Spanish town called 'Kill Jews' votes on name change


Really?.. just now they are thinking about it. After 5 centuries of conversation starters of “my hometown is KillJews where are you from?”. :confused::confused:

"No one is quite sure when or why Castrillo Motajudios changed its name to “Kill Jews”, although the first recorded use of “Matajudios” was in 1624, when Spain was in the throes of the Counter-Reformation against Protestantism and the Inquisition burned many suspected of heresy at the stake.

“There was a lot of pressure after the expulsion order [in 1492]. Someone wrote ‘Matajudios’, and it stuck,” Lorenzo explains."


I can’t imagine what is wrong with the original name! And a fine name it is.


Now watch the pressure mount on Matamoros (“Kill Moors”), MX to change its name…



That was my initial thought as well, but apparently the town is named after Mariano Matamoros, a hero of Mexican war of independence.


The 56 residents of the town, which lies near the northern city of Burgos, will vote on May 25 on whether to change the name and instead celebrate the location’s Jewish heritage, Mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez said on Monday.

If they agree to the change, locals will be able to choose between the rather less offensive Mota Judios and Mota de Judios, which both mean Mound of the Jews.

“Those of us who have lived all our lives in Castrillo Matajudios don’t give it a second thought. But the moment you go elsewhere it sounds bad,” the mayor said.
Gee, you think?

The mayor says that businessmen from the town sometimes travel to Israel, and the name causes them embarrassment.

The willingness to celebrate its Jewish heritage speaks well of the town. It may also reflect a growing desire in Spain to overcome and make amends for the country’s anti-Semitic past.


Such surnames are a problem. Matajudios is common in countries such as Colombia.

The problem is, in Spanish one meaning of the name is “Kills Jews.” Which has led a Colombian emigre cashier in Argentina to attract the ire of a Jewish organization there.

It all started when Adrian Marguiles, a customer at the Expoalimentos supermarket in Argentina’s San Isidro district, discovered, upon reviewing his receipt, that his cashier went by the name Ivan Matajudios.

Thinking the cashier had chosen Matajudios as a nickname, in order to incite violence against Jews, Margulies complained to DAIA, a Jewish group that, just four days earlier, had signed an agreement with the district’s mayor to work together on educational activities promoting coexistence and tolerance.

When DAIA leaders met with the supermarket owner, they discovered that Ivan Dario Matajudios Galindo was the cashier’s actual name.

A deal was arranged for Ivan to use his other surname, which is Galindo. DAIA will request that the immigration ministry require new arrivals to use a name other than Matajudios.


Actually Matamoros if we go to that means kill muslims


I can see and understand why they are changing it but this is one of the areas where there are double standards. Why we are only changing Matajudios but we are not changing Matamoros (kill the Muslims) or changing Matasordos (which means kill the deaf) or Matabravo (kill the brave). Mata which means kill is quite a common last name and there are too many last names with Mata combinations and if Matajudios sounds so offensive shouldn’t we also change Matasordos?

I do know there are really Wacker last names in Spanish but if we are going to use one standard let’s so it with everything.


Campaigns to kill Jews, on a personal scale or on an industrial scale, have occurred in the past. They really have never gone away. The threat of violence against Jews, motivated by ethnic hatred, is real. Can the same be said for Matasordos?


The same campaigns have also existed for Muslims and they still have hatred motivated by ethnicity. So why you think Matamoros is OK but not matajudios? And if we are going to that there have been many campaigns in the past to kill disable people, eugenics still exists and disable people suffer constantly discrimination and hatred. Why do you think is acceptable them to suggest kill a disabled person?

Again, what you said highlights my point…double standard.


The townsfolk sound very naive and innocent.


I have not said those names are acceptable or even desirable. What I have said is that Matajudios is worth singling out for attention. If you decide to work for repealing or restricting Matamoros or Matasordos, then I support you.


Point taken, but the surname seems to derive from a town of Matamoros in Spain.

So, same issue, wrong side of the Atlantic.



Hopefully nobody gives in to this nonsense about changing names.

St. James, Slayer of Muslims, pray for us.


Santiago Matamoros! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Residents in a tiny Spanish town voted on Sunday to ditch its unfortunate, centuries-old name: Castrillo Matajudios, or Castrillo Kill Jews.

They voted 29-19 in favour of scrapping the northern Spanish town’s name, in existence since at least 1623, said the mayor, Lorenzo Rodriguez.

Residents decided instead to take on a less offensive, older name for the town, Mota de Judios, or Hill of the Jews, he told AFP.


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