Spartanburg Herald-Journal • Latin Mass isn't DEAD

Here is a newspaper article on the TLM. A couple of quotes and link below:

“I don’t want to disparage the Novus Ordo Mass, but (the Latin Mass is) more mystical and contemplative,” McInerny said.

He believes it is the Latin Mass’ symbolism, mystery and order that partly account for its rising popularity.

“People need symbols and ritual,” McInerny said. “You don’t change the traditional Mass around. It changes you.”

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And a second article in the same paper:

Traditional service rises in popularity with younger worshippers

“He’s facing God,” she said. “We are all offering ourselves, with the priest, to God.” During the Latin Mass, Aimee said, “the prayers are so engaging, you feel a strong spiritual connection to God in heaven.”

“The silence adds to the solemnity and the reverence of the Mass,” agreed Lori Dorchak of Greer. Prayer has a chance to blossom in that silence, she said.

Link to second article


Taylors (the Mass location spoken of in the second article) recently had their indult seriously diminished. It went from being every Sunday and many holy days to one Sunday a month.

Taylors was the second TLM I ever attended.

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