Spaying and Neutering


Ok, since there is a thread about praying for our pets I have question. Since the Church is against abortion, birth control, etc, does this apply to animals too? Spaying and neutering to control the population? And how about euthanizing them when they are sick or when there is not enough room at the shelters.:confused: I don’t know if this was the right place to put it.:blush:


The Church’s concern has always been on the dignity of human life.


“aliciar” I had the same question, regarding animal euthanasia… when I had to put my little Boston Terrier to sleep. He had a brain tumor, which was causing Epileptic-type Grand Mal Seizures. His last night of life, he suffered… terribly.

But in the days that followed his death, I began to suffer horrible doubts. I’m an extremely scrupulous person and the devil took this “opportunity” to try to convince me, that I had committed a grave sin. I was so upset, that I took the question to my priest, in confession.

After telling him what had happened (the seizures, etc.) he said “No, it was not a sin. It was an act of mercy.”

Now having said this, we must all remember something. A dog is not a human. Nor, is a human a dog. HUMAN LIFE is to be respected at all stages, and in all conditions. Why? Because we are made in the Image and Likeness of God.

Our pets… though we love them, care for them and grieve when they die… are animals. God gives them to us, to help us and bring joy into our lives; and we are to care for them while they’re alive. But we are not bound to take heroic measures to keep them alive… when they’re suffering… as my little dog was.

I hope that this answers part of your question. God bless you. :slight_smile:


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