Speaker Nancy Pelosi Caught Trying to Include Abortion Funding in Bill to Combat Coronavirus

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is so dedicated to promoting abortion and forcing Americans to fund killing babies in abortion that she has been caught trying to add taxpayer financing of abortions to the bill to combat the Coronavirus and provide economic stimulus to the nation as it deals with the COVD-19 outbreak.

Nancy Pelosi has a long history of promoting abortion and her first act after becoming Speaker in 2019 was pushing legislation to use tax money for abortions. So it’s no surprise she is trying to exploit the Coronavirus pandemic to push abortion funding again.


PS; if anyone disagrees with this assessment, even MSNBC’s Joy Reid is critical of this act:

MSNBC’s Joy Reid hits Dems for including abortion in emergency spending bill: ‘What does that have to do with COVID-19?’


They are trying to put so many things into this bill!


Sticky this the next time anyone pretends Pelosi and those like her care about the vulnerable, or anyone but their own hold on power. Granted, she is not the first nor the last to use pork, but to do so on such a serious bill is disgusting. She is vile.


Seems to me like “offense” the house bill committed was… not explicitly giving lip service to the Hyde amendment when saying that coronavirus labs will be paid for by the government. So the money wasn’t ever going to abortion, it was going to coronavirus labwork. Joy Reid wasn’t upset with the democrats, she was upset because the republicans objected to funding coronavirus testing on the grounds that it didn’t explicitly mention abortion (i.e. by not referencing the Hyde amendment). I’m on the same page, why should a “lets pay for people’s coronavirus tests” bill need to explicitly mention abortion?


Trump is on board.

So guess what is in the final bill?

That’s right, 1 billion dollars for laboratory testing for COVID-19, which, according to the original article is tantamount to:

One was a mandate for up to $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims… Under the guise of protecting people, Speaker Pelosi is working to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent covering abortion

So since it seems this bill will pass with Trump’s support there are now two possibilities. Either this was fake news to begin with and does not actually constitute funding for abortion, or we should actually sticky this whenever people pretend Trump and those like him care about abortion beyond simple political calculation.

She just got a giant relief bill through the house. Trump supports it. Great work Nancy


Nope. The third possibility is that the Hyde Amendment provision will be introduced as a separate bill in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Politico confirmed after this article went to press that the Hyde Amendment provision was eventually removed from the stimulus later on Thursday and will hit the House floor as a separate bill.

Despite Trump’s assurance that he would sign any stimulus bill that Congress approved, several Republicans rejected the stimulus offered by Pelosi and Mnuchin.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday morning he was totally opposed to Pelosi’s plan and wanted to draft a new proposal over the next 24-48 hours.

Source: https://dailycaller.com/2020/03/12/donald-trump-nancy-pelosi-coronavirus-stimulus-hyde-amendment-abortion-funding-white-house-allegations/

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If you are impressed by giant wastage of money for no reason except to demonstrate how “generous” the Democrats are with taxpayer money.

The administration asked for $2.5 billion, but the Democrats sought the opportunity to add almost $6 billion, just 'cuz. And much of it unrelated to actual coronavirus control. Actually, the Democrats wanted to spend total of $14 billion but had their pie in the sky demands whittled back.

These people sure do like to spend your money. Why not just give 'em a blank cheque next time?


Japan is spending $2.5 billion on coronavirus aid/prevention, and their population is less than 40% of the US population. Trump asking for $2.5 billion is just another instance of him downplaying how serious the situation is.

Italy is spending $8.5 billion. The UK has put together a $39 billion package.

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Well, that is interesting given that the strategy in the UK appears to merely be to let Covid-19 take its course.

Something seems amiss, no?

Besides, it seems odd of you to defend a Democrat approved budget for Covid-19 where most of the money being spent isn’t actually going to be spent to respond to Covid-19.

The point being that Trump only requesting $2.5 billion appears to be responsible financially, while the Democrats seeking the opportunity to spend the additional monies on something else, is basically Pelosi and Co using the crisis to leverage money for other issues.

Comes across as opportunistic on their part.

I mean, it isn’t as if the Italian government is spending the $8.5 billion they have set aside on some unrelated leftist progressive endeavor. If they were they would be rightly criticized for not using the money on the issue at hand.

You have compared the numbers of cases and mortality in Italy and the US, correct?


Do note that the Politico link in your post says nothing about the Hyde amendment. Do you have an actual source for the “second bill” claim?

Strange how the tides have turned:

How can you conclude that the “tides have changed” when you don’t know what the final form of the bill actually is? Perhaps we ought to wait on what McCarthy agreed to and why before casting a judgement on him?


I posted a link to the bill right here:

If you click on the link you can see that the latest action was at 12:30 AM today, in which the congress took a roll call in preparation to pass the bill. The result was:

On motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill, as amended Agreed to by the Yeas and Nays: (2/3 required): 363 - 40, 1 Present

Right. So how does your post justify Pelosi spending extraneous money on unrelated items become interpreted as fiduciary responsibility when the corona virus might have that kind of impact on the US economy and government?

Wouldn’t the House be far wiser spending as needed than leveraging a crisis to fund pet Democrat projects? So congratulations that Pelosi is such a “genius” that she can finagle money despite a looming crisis. God on her, I suppose. If you appreciate that kind of moral character as to hold funds at ransom while you get your way.


In order to make the case that McCarthy flip-flopped you have to demonstrate that the final bill McCarthy voted for was substantially the same as the previous version. Otherwise, we could assume there were sufficient improvements to the bill that McCarthy found acceptable.

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As you can see from that link, there are tabs reading “Amendments (0)” and “Actions” which detail all changes and actions taken on this bill since it was introduced on 3/11. Since McCarthy objected on 3/12 and there have been no amendments whatsoever, the link I provided already provides more than enough evidence. Please actually view the information you’ve been provided before demanding more.

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