Speaker Recommendations for the RE Congress?


Hi Everybody

I’m involved with young adult ministry at my parish, and our moderator would like me, along with a couple of others involved with the YAG ministry to attend the LA Religious Education Congress this February. Now, I KNOW that the RE Congress, during the last couple of decades at least, has been a gathering place for many dissenting Catholic speakers and “theologians” popular in America today. BUT, it has also been my experience that if one is careful about the workshops one chooses, and registers early, he can choose the few talks that have either the few good solid, or basically harmless speakers.

Anyways, I just looked at the speaker list and to my delight, Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J. will be there again this year, so I will sign up for his talks. But I really didn’t recognize any other good solid speakers besides him.

So the help I’d like from you guys on the Forums is to look at the speaker list, and see if you can recommend anyone else. I saw some good ones (like Jason and Chrystalina Evert) for the Youth Day on Thursday, but we’ll probably not be there until at least Friday.

Note: Please do NOT make this thread a place for generally complaining about the REC. There are already plenty of threads on the Forums that already do this, and as the 2008 session approaches, there will surely be more. I just want to know if anyone recognizes any more good solid speakers.

Nor please don’t use this thread to try to talk me out of “wasting my time and money” by going. I’m a big boy, and I can discern that for myself. Going to the Congress would be totally on my parish’s dime, and if worse came to worse, I could spend a part of my time there encouraging, complimenting, and praying with the protestors that gather outside! Here is the link: recongress.org/2008/speakers.htm


I love hearing Fr. Tony Ricard’s talks! Plus, he has truly done great things for the rebuilding of the Catholic culture in his native New Orleans after the devastating effects of Katrina during the past 2+ years. Truly self-sacrificing work. In every one of his talks I’ve heard, he openly expresses his love for Our Lady, the Pope, and the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. His speaking style may be a little un-orthodox, but I have no reason to believe his theology is. I’d sign up to see him, if it were me.


I’ve never seen him speak before, but John Allen’s writings seem to be fair and balanced to me. I’d be really interested to hear what he says for his proposed talk THE FUTURE OF LIBERAL CATHOLICISM. Good luck!


Although I’m not a big fan of the whole Life Teen movement, I saw a video of Mark Hart giving a talk at Franciscan University’s young adult conference and I found the content to be pretty solid. It might be good to attend his talks, especially if your young adult group has a bible study.


Dr. David Walsh is the president and founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family. At least one of his books has received great reviews on conservativebookclub.com


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