Speaking in Tongues


I was wondering whether anybody here had that gift or knew somebody who had. It’s not something that I would like to have ( i always ask for the gift of discernment) but I am curious to know what it is like. :shrug:


I don’t speak in tongues… but i know a few people who do


Well? What is it and how do you know that they can speak in tongues?


My ministers use to do it to me while praying for me… Do you want me to explain it to you?


yes, but from a personal experience. Like what did he do, how was it and how did you know that it was true?


Okay, well as usual my minister (called Ruth) would put her hand on my sholder and begin to pray for what ever I went to her for in the first place, eg, domestic problems. She would complete her prayer and then start the talking in tonges. She would just start making strange sounds like speaking in another language and singing… I never liked it and I still don’t like it. It makes me feel uncomforatble…

She encouraged me to do it but I woudn’t.


My ministers did this very often…


i’ve never spoken in tongues but I’m surrounded by people who do.I’ve been involved in the Charismatic renewal for about 5-6year now.I remember people telling me that tongues was talking gibberish and ugly sounding.First Charismatic Mass I went to I expected the worst.What heard sounded like music to me and still does even though I don’t have that gift.Others gifts of the Spirit were given to me,unearned, and unworthy though I am.I 've been given the gift of teaching and have seen my classes expand year by year.How great is our God!


I have always been very weary of speaking in tongues. I know especially back when I was not religious, the idea of speaking in tongues made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. I have never been around it before, but I still have a hesitancy about it. However my girlfriend has been around it before and speaking to her has definitely eased my mind a bit, and I agreed to got a charismatic conference at some point just to try and experience it. However I definitely understand why a lot of people just don’t like it very much, though admittedly I feel that comes how secular our culture is.


I am one who believes that the “signed” gifts spoken of in the New Testament, while not as prevelant as in the 1st century, are still extant.
Scripture does warn us, however, when it comes to the gift of tounges that there must always be someone else present who has the gift of interpretation. Also, in Scripture, I believe tounges was a gift meant to edify the church (local congregation), and not something meant solely for the benefit of the individual giving the utterance, or any other individual. It was, and i believe it remains, a means for God to miraculously demonstrate his power and glory.


P.S. Most, though not all, Bible scholars agree that the instances of touuges in the New Testament was always a case of the speaker speaking in an existing language that was unknown to him or her, They do not believe it to have been someone speaking non-sensible sylables or gibberish as is very often demonstrated by some so-called evangelists on television and/or radio.


What denomination are you from?


I’m a Christian who happens to be a long time member of a United Methodist Church.


I’m a methodist too, but can you tell me what the United Methodist is? Is it American?



If you read through this link you’ll find a brief explanation. Since you aren’t familiar with the term United Methodist Church, and since you ask if it is American (it is), may I ask where you are?


I’m in Britain, the county is called Dagenham.


What is the First Charismatic Mass? Also, since God doesn’t do things without a reason, what would be the point of people speaking in tongues at such a mass if nobody could understand them? What’s the point of the Mass?


My(me personal first) Mass. Charismatic masses usually have more singing, and people pray in tongues.It’s just like every other Mass we come to worship the Lord and eat his flesh and blood. Why would you think that we somehow don’t or shouldn’t be involved in the mass or we don’t hold Eucharist in high regard? At every prayer meeting we have the Eucharist is Present and the difference between having a meeting in a room and having it in the chapel with the Sacred Presence is palpable.What do you do at your Divine Liturgies?
There different forms of tongues.Some for the public and some personal prayer language-most people are just praising - and no- we don’t interrupt the Mass.In our Archdiocese(NY) there are a set of do’s and don’ts that we have to conform to - and we obey.


the gift of speaking in tongues is scriptural. In Acts it says that “they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages” (Act 2:4). In 2 Corinthians St Paul talks about the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I suggest that you read those verses of the Bible and then (1) pray and ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to you (2) be open to the Lord and ask that He give you whatever gifts of the Holy Spirit are best for you.

God bless you in your search.


i have recently attended a couple charasmatic prayer groups at my local parish where many people in the group speak in tongues.

I also have friends from ecumenical men’s group that have explained the two types: 1- a personal prayer language which is really for them to express to God more deaply than our own language will allow -
2 - the second type which was mentioned earlier is for public service and should always include an interpretation. Our priest explained that this type is much more rare. I love a stroy i heard about a man witnessing on an airplane to a man in a very rare african dialect and thought he was speaking english the whole time!

I used to want nothing to do with toungues as my first experience at an Assembly of God as a teenager was a bit disturbing - there was an interpretation but the sound coming from the person was like screeching to me -
My recent experience at the prayer group has been BEAUTIFUL and after researching more for the past few month would really love the gift if the Holy Spirit so chooses.

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