Speaking of dogs

Some interesting quizzes, including helping you pick a breed that fits your family


Are the breed recommendations based only upon animals that they currently have? I’m surprised that it would recommend something as unusual as a lurcher and not something that is known to be an all-around good family dog like a labrador, not that I wouldn’t mind a lurcher. They are really nice dogs.

Labs are great dogs but very energetic. I’ve owned two lab mixes. They were both a little difficult to train because they acted like they had adhd.:stuck_out_tongue: I gave one away and the other got hit by a car.:frowning:

Labs are not for everyone, even if they make great family dogs.

The test gave me 22 possible dog choices including several that I had never heard of: The Mountain Cur,Ainu Dog Airedale Terrier
Azawakh Belgian Mastiff Berger des Picard Black Mouth Cur
Blue Lacy Bluetick Coonhound Borzoi Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Corgidor English Coonhound Lithuanian Hound Mountain Cur
Mountain View Cur Mudi Pembroke Welsh Corgi Redbone Coonhound Sloughi Swedish Vallhund

Interesting that my husband and I have said that when we get acreage again we want a Mastiff.:slight_smile:

Labs are way more mellow than lurchers though.

If I do get a dog though, I would definintely get a big dog. I have had yappy little terriers in the past, but have always admired the labs or even the wolf hounds that friends have had.

Every adult lab that I have seen has been mellow but as puppies they are insane.:smiley:

Mastiffs are supposed to be gentle giants. I’ve only seen a couple up close though. Both were very sweet but I know you can’t judge a breed by two specimans.

Awesome site wish I had seen it yesterday though… The breeds recommended for us are perfect. We just adopted a dog yesterday a beagle/jack Russell mix. Hopefully he will be coming home next week, but we have to keep him calm for 4 weeks. sigh He is being treated for heart worms :frowning: He is going to by my running companion :slight_smile: He is going to be a high maintenance doggie :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check out the website and see what a lurcher is. I’ve never heard of that breed.

So true! My lab mix acts as if he has adhd. He’s too hyper. He’s eaten my mom’s fence, part of the wall in my garage, he goes crazy if he sees any door open (he’ll run and run and run until you never find him again - that psycho!), and he absolutely goes crazy for his tennis ball.

Gotta love my bear! :smiley:

My mom’s neighbour has a chocolate lab. She was hyper when he got her. He trained her the way the Dog Whisperer trains dogs. Now she is the best behaved dog I have ever known. She doesn’t even get in his truck until he snaps his fingers. He even trained her to run on a treadmill. :smiley:

OK, I didn’t take the poll because I have found the BEST dog!!!

He is a pound dog, he was about 1 1/2 yo when we adopted him. Anyway, we recently found out that he is mostly Vizsla (a hungarian hunting dog) and has a little bit of chow in him. Anyway, this is the PERFECT dog. He is a larger dog, about 80lbs, very easy to train (although does not really like tricks), VERY good temperment (I can take food out of his mouth and he won’t get upset at all, I have never let a child take food out of his mouth, although my neice took food from his bowl while he was eating and he didn’t care at all, our cat also drinks out of the same water bowl at the same time and he does not care at all), VERY good with kids, VERY good with cats (although he is convinced ours does not exist unless she is being pet, then he wants pet too of course), LOVES walks (but he also sleeps like a cat!), short hair so no shedding!!! GREAT with small dogs (ours does not really like big dogs, and he is not really fond of puppies because they are too hyper for him)! VERY obediant, kind of good watch dog (he will let you know when someone is at the door or tries to open the door, he usually won’t just bark because someone is outside). Oh also, due to their short hair they shed very little and make for a good indoor dog!
The only downfalls I have found with ours are he hates water and getting his nails trimmed. he snores and “barks” in his sleep (not a loud bark just a weird yip.
Anyway, I know you can’t always determine a dogs personality based on their breed, although everyone I have talked to that has a Vizsla agrees they are one of the best mid to large size dogs you could ask for!!

It might be hard to find a lurcher. According to the website, they are not common outside of England and Ireland.

My neighbor’s old lab was more insane with age. :shrug: My cousins had a mastiff that was really gentle. The one they got after the mastiff died is a bit more psycho…

I’ll second that, we have both a lab and a mastiff. The lab has mellowed out, though she is generally rather timid. Our mastiff is huge and still a few months away from a year. He’s still has a lot of energy, especially remembering our old mastiff who was rather mellow. As a puppy he’s still in for some mischief. I figure when he’s older he’ll be happy to sleep 20 hrs a day. After seeing a few of them, I’d say they are gentle giants. Both out mastiffs were very good with little children even as puppies, knowing when to hold back, and taking whatever harassment they seemed to put forth.

Although if they feel you will be attacked, the dog will probably scare that person. Once you have 200lbs of dog jumping up and down looking to impose their will on you, you’ll lose track of your intentions. Only saw that once out of our old dog when she must have thought I was sneaking in the back yard, but it was enough to have pity on a person.

As far as an acreage, I’d rather have that for the lab. The mastiff is happy enough with a modest yard. Their preference would be near you or anyone, although if your out on the acreage a lot they’ll be happy with that.

I would say, since their popularity has increased so much lately, I’d make sure that you have a good idea where your getting the dog from. I would spend the extra money and go with a trusted breeder. That is too much of a dog to left to un-careful breeding practices.

I was thinking about getting a Pinscher, but then I decided against it for fear of sexual harassment suits. :smiley:

This is true, I know someone with two lurchers. He got one in England and the other in Germany. They are beautiful dogs. His stay indoors a lot and go to work with him, so they can be very calm. He exercises his a few times a day, long walks/runs.

I took the survey. Interesting, it did not recommend beagles. My husband and I have had beagles for 30 years. So, who’s to value the survey??

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