Speaking of Intelligent Design.....

For those who believe in intelligent design, something is bothering me. As far as I can tell from research I’ve done is that we have Neanderthal and Denisovian DNA. I take that to mean we are part Neanderthal. Someone told me that we aren’t and I’m confused:confused:
If you believe in ID, what do you believe about humans interbreeding with Neanderthals and Denisovians and Neanderthal DNA?

I need to add that where i’m going with this is, if we have neanderthal DNA and if they werent human (most of what I’ve read says they weren’t human some say otherwise) then hey wouldnt have a rational soul, and if they didnt have a rational soul and if we have Neanderthal DNA, wouldnt that mean we arent fully human?

We have DNA in common with earthworks but it doesn’t mean we are part earthworm.

I hold intelligent design and believe humans and Neanderthals and other hominids were animal like creatures that evolved like other animals. You are correct they had no souls.

The difference being that at some point in history, God took a male and female human and breathed a soul into them. They became soul filled humans at that point. But there were other hominids around at that time… but Adam and Eve were the only ones “in the image of God”

I don’t believe in ID, but I just want to mention that we don’t contain “Neanderthal DNA”. Neanderthal man was a separate species from homo sapiens–different DNA–and an evolutionary dead end. He had no descendants.

Humans have a lot in common with other living creatures.

Genetic science teaches that each and every living organism on this earth is descended from one singular one-celled organism, which scientists term the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA).

This includes every tree, every fungus, every bacteria, every moss every insect, every fungus, every sea urchin, and every form of life that has EVER existed but does not exist now (dinosaurs, etc).

ONE CELL gave rise to ALL life on earth. Had that ONE CELL inhabited a space subject to volcanic eruption, we would probably not be here. The earth would be sterile of life.

I don’t believe in intelligent design, I believe God created us Himself.

It’s not the same as some may think as some believe in intelligent design where aliens created us.

I think it’s more likely there was one TYPE of cell, not one single, solitary cell. We may have all come from that one single, solitary cell, but there may have been trillions of those cells to begin with. Ours just happened to be the smartest.

As for Neanderthals, I believe there is evidence showing there were homo sapiens-neanderthal matings.

DNA testing shows otherwise. The OP was correct – many people show Neanderthal and Denisovian. So there was interbreeding.

Denisovans and Neandertals are human.

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Wouldn’t that mean we aren’t fully human?

Any sources written within the last few months that tell us that? Because I’ve read both opinions, with most of the information saying they weren’t human,


Could you explain why not? Obviously, this is really bothering me. :frowning:

Perhaps it would help for you to first share your definition of human.

Fully homo-sapien.

Humans are fully homo sapien no matter what our DNA lineage is.

Domestic dogs are fully dogs even if they have wolf in their lineage.

I think you need to think of what your hang up is more.

A human being is a Homo sapien with a soul given by God in his image. M

The DNA history does not affect that fact.

[quote=DavidFilmer]Genetic science teaches that each and every living organism on this earth is descended from one singular one-celled organism. This includes every tree, every fungus, every bacteria, . . . and every form of life that has EVER existed but does not exist now (dinosaurs, etc).

On a slight side issue, is this really what genetic science is saying? If life began several times, but none of those other branches of life survived long enough to interbreed and didn’t leave any fossils with DNA evidence, then how can scientists be certain that all life that ever existed came from one creation event?

Ok, that doesn’t make any sense. We are fully human beings as we exist. Whether we share DNA in common with Neanderthals, earthworms, amoeba or not is irrelevant to what we are.

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