Speaking of Laura Ingraham

Anyone watching her new show, “Just In”?

So far, I think she’s better on the radio. I like that she’s not afraid to talk Catholicism and religion, and does it with a modicum of intelligence.

I miss her air slot. That’s when I don’t like the shows on Catholic radio (I’m a bit of a radio junkie).

I’m thinking she will improve on tv,she is good on radio…wonder if she will be doing her radio show anytime soon:shrug:

I havne’t seen the show yet…she’s a busy new mama!

Isn’t that great…I was happy to hear she adopted…bet she will make a good Mom:thumbsup:

She should be the conservative one on the View!

I think the set would explode! A woman with logic and reason! Kaboom!

Could you imagine her debateing with Rosie!!! I would definitly watch that. When is Laura’s show on?


She is good…

I’m a big fan of Laura Ingraham. I miss her on the radio & hope she will be back soon (something about her contract). Monica Crowley is doing a good job filling in for her, though. As far as her show “Just In”, I’ve seen it several times and I like it, I’m usually cooking dinner at that time so I don’t always remember it’s on:shrug: . So far I’ve seen Raymond Arroyo on it twice, they’re good friends and he frequents her radio show as well:thumbsup: . Talk about busy, she also fills in for Bill O’Reilly when he’s out and does a weekly segment called “The Ingraham Angle.”

I tried watching Friday and there was mysteriously no mention of her being gone or coming back. I think she’s already canceled. Maybe because they ironed the radio thing out.

I haven’t liked her replacements on the radio much, especially Tammy Bruce…ugg…

Our local station actually replaced her show with Glenn Beck. He’s had a replacement in too, ironically.

I like Laura because she’s not so bombastic and cynical/angry sounding as other conservative hosts who like to say they are not cynical and angry. She’s calm, laughs a lot, makes good points. I’m not with her on immigration, but agree on a lot of other things.

I’ve been watching Just In; she just needs to get the bugs worked out. It’s been improving every day. It’s just great to see a strong, conservative, Catholic woman on TV!

I just tuned in to her radio show and it looks like she’s back:dancing: :clapping: !!

She’s currently on radio and tv both…

She has to work on controlling her temper on TV. Her facial expressions show too much anger. It could cost her the show.

Television is so radically different from radio.

The crew of a radio program might be three people.

Versus the crew of a television program that might have two dozen people.

On radio, no one can see what you’re wearing. On TV, you need to have heavy makeup on face and hands and any other exposed skin and it has to be touched up during the breaks. I remember one author who was being interviewed and the makeup made him choke and caused his eyes to tear up. You have to get used to the makeup.

On radio, you can more or less be your motor-mouth self. On television, every emotion shows and is transmitted … and you need intravenous caffein to maintain your “up” high-energy state.

There was one guy I knew. Didn’t watch his show much, but was flipping around and he looked “different” somehow, so I emailed him and it turned out that a family member was in the hospital. Everything shows.

It can take a lot of practice to master television broadcasting.

[It blows me away that Fr. Benedict Groeschel was able and has been able to master a live call-in television program … right after he got run over by a car. Amazing. Sometimes you can see his eyes flick to one side or another when he gets timing cues about ending a segment or closing the hour. Amazing.]

I recorded a few of her television broadcasts.

Her makeup was over done, I thought. She definitely needs some time to get the kinks out of the program. I’m just wondering if she really wants a television program where she is just another talking head versus having a radio program where she doesn’t have to compete with the glitz that is present on the television program.

But she was only on a few nights and then the spot was taken over by E.D. Hill who is usually on the morning Fox News show.

I was wondering if Laura got “set up” so that Hill would have a spot to move in to. Or if Hill was tapped to fill the spot on short notice.

Hmmmm. Wonder what is happening there.

I used to listen to Laura’s radio show over the past couple of years and then I moved and my new location does not carry her show…

but I do try to watch her TV show on Fox News (daily at 5 pm EST).

What I like most about it though is that she frequently has Raymond Arroyo as a contributor talking about religious matters and the fact that they both will give very positive viewpoints about Catholicism, etc. is GREAT!!!

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