Speaking that which is not as though it were; Prophecy?

Lately as well as in the past, I feel that The Lord has been emphasizing the creative power of our own words as being able to speak into existence that which is not yet in existence. I also feel that He has been relating this fact to me as a form of Prophecy, not necessarily as a means of foretelling the future, but as a means of speaking into being that which is not yet here.

How does the Church feel about this concept? Am I in error in what I feel that God has given to me?

The traditional Church would advise you to tell a priest or your spiritual advisor what is being related to you and listen to their advice. Call it getting a second opinion :smiley:

Years ago a close friend who was not Catholic used this phrase “say those things that are not as though they were”. When she used it she meant that a person would say Thank you God for solving that problem even though it had not been actually solved. It was not something I had ever entertained as a Catholic but I see no reason why a person who is praying for something could not take the attitude that they had great confidence that God would hear and answer their prayers even if they were still praying and the issue had not yet been resolved.

After struggling through the “Word of Faith” heresy I could share plenty of reasons why not. It’s just my humble opinion, but I would be extremely careful, because proponents of this stuff put the idea forth that it is something akin to sorcery that if you say the right words, you can have what you say. I got into all sorts of difficulty including learning for a time not to trust in God at all when what I said didn’t materialize. I finally had to get out and then become Catholic and unlearn all the **** I was taught in those days.:shrug:

The is Word of Faith nonsense. It isn’t Catholic or historical Protestant teaching. It is a form of heresy with ultimately denies God’s sovereignty and reduces God and Jesus to some force which with the right words, we can too become like gods. The ideas of this stuff came from Christian Science which is neither.

my experience exactly. This stuff is dangerous and destructive.

A bit of advice: DO NOT get involed with the “Word of Faith” “name it & claim it”, or as one TV preacher called it the “blab it and grab it” beleif. :gopray::knight1:

I am not aware of this “Word of Faith” and it would not be something that I would recommend but in the case of my friend she was a Methodist who just said it in a way that seemed just a phrase that was meant to be an encouragement in prayer. As for this other, I have no knowlege.

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