Speaking to the deceased


I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I have a question which has stumped me a little.

May daughter mentioned that she speaks sometimes to my deceased sister (in times of need I think) and she believes my sister hears her. My daughter is not religious, and is unsure about God. She thinks she believes there is one, but isnt sure. She said she thinks she has sensed something in the past, which she thinks could only be God.

Anyway, she asked me if I spoke to my sister, and one or two other related questions. I told her I never had, and I wasnt sure that I believed it possible. I have often praid for her, but not tried to speak to her. I told her that I most definately did not believe in luigi boards and similar - which she said she didnt either, and that wasnt what she meant.

In all honesty I had never thought about it before. I am not even sure about my sister’s destination. She was not religious, but my mother says she had a book on Jesus, and I guess she was thinking about it - only God will know the answer to that.

But I am really unsure about what my daughter has told me. It doesnt sound right, but I dont know why.

Can anyone help?


We speak to the saints who have died, asking their prayers. They too are only human beings even if pronounced saints by the Church.
I’ll pray for your daughter, and ask God to use her belief that she can reach her aunt, lead her to accept the existence of God and to go to God in prayer.
Lord help Liz’s daughter to understand that You exist. Help her to come to You in prayer and to know that You love her.

God bless you Liz, and may God bless your trust that He will use what is in her life to draw her to Him.

I’ll keep her in my prayers.


I think your daughter may be special. Be the one to comfort and listen to her.

As far as being in contact with those beyond the grave, this ability has nothing to do with how religious you are. I feel confident in saying anyone can be born with gifts such as this.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood


Does your daughter have a conversation with her aunt and hear her talking back to her?

Or … does she just talk to her?

My husband talks to his deceased father all the time. As in … hey dad, did you see that happening, etc… he doesn’t hear his father talking back to him. It’s just a comfort for him to be able to talk

This may be what your daughter is searching for … someone to talk to.

Opps, just realized this was in prayer intentions … It may get moved, but know that I’ll say a prayer for your daughter, you and your deceased sister.


I wasnt sure which forum to post in. I thank you for your prayers.

I am not sure if my daughter thinks she is getting a reply. She said she felt touched by a presence once when she was down, and thought it was my sister. At the time, I thought it more likely to be God, but I dont know. I cant help feeling that God is trying to get through to her, but she isnt ready yet.

I pray daily for both my daughter, and my son (who isnt interested). May they both come to know God’s love.

It took me 40 years, and when God finally got through to me I fell in love, and it moves me to tears every year when I read the story of the prodigal son, and I think about God’s patient love through all that I have done in the past. I trust that God will reach both of them in the end.

God bless you all


I talk to my husband who died 3 yrs ago; when I visit his grave; or just about any time I’m doing something that brings back a special memory of our life together. There is nothing wrong with this. There is a difference between this and conjuring up the dead.



I talk to my parents (my Father passed away just over 5 years ago and my Mother passed away last July). I might be doing something and I will say ‘oh you used to do it this way Mum’ or ‘I remember when we did that Dad’. when that happens it brings back happy memories for me :slight_smile:


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