Speaking with a muslim

I think I’m going to have some dialogue with a muslim on religion. Any tips? Keep charitable, of course. Anything in regards to apologetics; common arguments and responses?


They have an answer for everything.
if they don’t know the answer they say ‘Allah knows best’
They usually use the Bible to ‘prove’ things against Christians.
If they talk about Hadith, remember they cannot tell you for sure it’s the ‘truth.’ Even they dispute the validity of these books.

I know because I was a Muslim all my life.

Any more tips you need just ask.

In case apologetics are brought up, what’s some offense that I could present against Islam (charitable, of course :slight_smile: )?

  • Respect

  • Don’t take whatever’s said personally.

  • Keep the discussion as a discussion, not an attempt to convert each other.

As someone enjoys religious discussions with their friends (and pretty much the only Christian amongst them, never mind Catholic) my advice is keep it polite, respectful and engaging. Be as willing to listen as you are to put your own point across and focus majorly on what you have in common, rather than why you are different - there are many, many traits of commonality, not least of all because the faith is, essentially, in the same thing - one God. We also share ideas of charity, many of the prophets (just not in reference to divinity) - from Abraham to Jesus, and a great deal of common history - from Solomon to the Moors in Spain.

Then the discussion over what you differ on becomes more friendly, and more interesting, and their challenges to you will help you explore and understand your own faith even better as well as enable you to understand their perspective more. And you have to understand where someone is coming from to be able to have a good dialogue with them.

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