Special Blessing of Epiphany Water on the Vigil of Epiphany


The Rite is very cool. It begins with the Litany of Saints, with a couple special petitions about the blessing of the water to follow. Satan and the demons are then driven from the place with a mighty prayer.

This is NOT a prayer for lay people to recite. Period. Understand? Just don’t.

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Good thing FR Z then published it – That’ll keep lay people from reciting it :roll_eyes:


Reading isn’t reciting. And quite frankly, with all the stuff published in blogs, twitter, emails, etc., doesn’t it make sense to give people all necessary information?

What should he have done? “Hey, there’s a prayer for exorcism. You people don’t need to know it, because if I actually publish what priests say, you’ll be so dumb you’ll try to recite it and play exorcist yourselves”? (That would have gone over so well).

"Hey there’s a prayer for exorcism for priests to recite. This is it. (Don’t bother to warn people that it is only for priests to recite, because you’ll make them feel disrespected or inferior. Just publish it. If they don’t try to find out if it’s suitable for them to recite, tough. Of course, if you don’t tell them it’s not suitable then how are they going to find out. . .but oh well, again, never mind. Better not even mention exorcism at all). . .

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