Special Creation

Special Creation

It is a misconception to say that the Jewish People are God’s Chosen People. If we really ponder on the matter, the Jews do not claim such a title on themselves. It is usually claimed by others, especially Christians, and usually from a hostile point of view.

For a people to be chosen, they must be picked out from among a group of other peoples. That’s definitely not what happened to the Jewish People.

According to Genesis 6:5, the Flood had become inevitable because Mankind had corrupted the earth. After the Flood, Elohim promised Noah that He would never allow another catastrophe of that size again to hit all Mankind. (Gen. 8:21) But what about if Mankind did corrupt the earth again?

That’s when Elohim decided to effect a new and special creation and not to wait and choose a people from among a group of peoples. Israel was therefore in the designs of God many years before she was actually born with the purpose to guarantee God’s promise to Noah.

Jeremiah, under prophetical inspiration, declared that if Israel ever ceases as a People before the Lord forever, the natural laws will cease to work properly, which would cause the eruption of catastrophes anywhere or everywhere to threaten the whole of Mankind. (Jer. 31:35-37)

Therefore, we should stop the myth that the Jewish People are God’s Chosen People, and rather think of them as a Special Creation for a specific Divine purpose.


I promise I won’t refer to Jewish people as chosen people anymore. I did not realize it was offensive, I am sorry.

What about the idea that they “were” God’s Chosen People? :confused: I think they are those referred to the Scattered People of God. For example, the Apocalypse/Revelation to John reveals a multitude (12 x 12,000) of Jews will be saved in the end.

I know one thing, the Jews will be able to distinguish a false messiah or anti christ before anyone else will. They will also be the first to recognize Jesus if he comes again.
If the new testament is correct about those events that are to happen.

So if all of a sudden Jews claim the Messiah is here now, It would get my attention.

Ben, you can call yourself Jewish all you want, but I know it’s a lie. You don’t believe in any of the fundamental Jewish beliefs (resurrection, life after death, Divine Inspiration, Israel being God’s People, etc.). Just stop the act and be truthful, or leave CAF already.

you have been rude in this forum lately,accusing people of lying !! what’s the matter

Report me if I’m being rude.

But I call a spade a spade. I call out people on their sins. I’d rather call out people than let them continue to sin.

The opposite is true. I thought it was offensive to you such a claim in spite of other peoples.

Have you ever heard about “two Jews three opinions?” There we go. Never mind my opinion. Just check my Scriptural quotations; if they don’t match, then you can drop the sword on my head. Regarding leaving CAF, I know you are not the only one to want that. But in your place, I would not express my wish because it only translates weakness of Scriptural knowledge.

Wow! I have been claiming that the Messiah has already returned to the Land of Israel, and I just don’t succeed to get your attention. What is happening whith what you say?

The idea of Israel was in the designs of God when He made the Noahite Covenant with all Mankind, with the promise never to allow another catastrophe. That time there were no Peoples on earth to choose one from. Israel had to be specially created for the purpose to uphold God’s promise to Noah.

I think of the beginning of the Jewish people as being when God called Abraham our of Ur to follow Him. He chose him to be the father of a great nation. He made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants. The Jews are those descendants. That’s why we refer to them as the chosen people.

In that case, how do you see Christianity with the Pauline policy of Replacement Theology in Galatians 4:21-31?

The Church teaches that we’re all spiritually Jews when we accept and follow Gods will- or plan-a plan of salvation the Jews were chosen to deliver to earth. She also teaches that God retains a special place in His heart for these people whom He chose for His purposes and that they will survive to the end and ultimately accept His plan as well. This is why Paul speaks of the Church as being the new Israel while maintaining that all Israel will ultimately be saved. (Rom 11)

Are you kidding me? All you ever said on your other threads that you are the Chosen one, you and the Jewish people. Frankly, I feel Jesus came to the Jews so that they would lead to the Gentiles. The Gentiles are the chosen ones now.

**How about producing one thread where I am saying that I am the Chosen one? Then you can get embarrassed of speaking without thinking. We are not the ones who claim that we are the Chosen People. The Bible is. We even avoid mentioning such a title in order not to offend sensibilities of human jealousies.

Now, I have taken upon myself to deny such an assertion by redefining the term chosen as special creation, since the first instance in God’s designs we have an idea of, reports to a time when there were no peoples for one to be chosen from. Therefore, Israel was a special creation for a Divine secial purpose.**

What Paul speaks is Replacement Theology. What the Church speaks, if it doesn’t pass the test of Isaiah 8:20, it’s because there is no light in it. Let’s stick to the Scriptures will ya?

Ben-Paul was not preaching replacement theology. He was speaking to the Galatans, who where gentile believers who were attempting to follow “Judaized” Christian beliefs at the expense of the Christianity that Paul taught. Paul was making the argument not that Christianity had replaced the Jews, but that the Christian belief of salvation through grace was superior to salvation through following the Law. Below, I’ve cut and pasted from a commentary on Galatians for anyone who is interested:

Title : Life Application Bible Commentary: Galatians
Edition : First
Copyright : Copyright © 1994 by The Livingstone Corporation. Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois.

Galatians 4:21
Under the influence of the false teachers (the Judaizers), the Galatians wanted to submit to the Jewish law. Paul, completely “perplexed” by this (4:20), wanted to turn them back to accepting salvation by grace alone. He confronted them directly by saying, “Do you really know what the law says? You want so badly to submit to it, yet do you even understand it?” The Galatian believers, most of them not from a Jewish background and thus with little more than an elementary understanding of the Jewish law, may have answered an indignant yes. Hopefully they would have halted long enough to realize the impossible standards under which they were placing themselves. Galatians 4:22 For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave woman and the other by a free woman. (nrsv) Paul turned to an argument from the Jewish Scripture and the life of Abraham. The Law, the Torah, included all the books of the Pentateuch, Genesis through Deuteronomy. While the Judaizers focused on the minute aspects of law keeping described in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, Paul turned to another part of the Law, the historical account of Abraham, father of the Jewish nation (see also 3:6-29), to illustrate his point. The Judaizers, indeed all Jews, took great pride in their descent from godly Abraham. However, as John the Baptist and Jesus pointed out, merely being descended from Abraham was not enough to secure salvation (see Matthew 3:9; John 8:37-44). Paul made the same point in this section, though from a slightly different angle. The story, originally recorded in Genesis 16 and 21:1-21, was summarized by Paul as a fundamental spiritual lesson demonstrated by Abraham, his two sons, and his two wives. Abraham had more than two sons, but Isaac and Ishmael were his first two and are the ones important to this illustration. In ancient times, a mother’s status affected the status of her children. Paul reminded his readers that Abraham had two types of sons—one born of a slave woman and one born of a free woman. Paul wanted the Galatians to consider which type of descendant these Judaizers were more like and then decide which they themselves desired to be like.


**Here is the case about the Galatians from Nazarene/Jewish sources of the First Century. The Galatians were not Judaizers but they were being approached by Judaizers sent by the Nazarene headquarters in Judea to try to recover the Nazarene Synagogue of Galatia, whose converts from the Gentiles, Paul had robbed the Nazarenes from.

If you read Galatians 1:4-10, you will see that Paul had arrived just in time to see that many of the Galatians were indeed deserting him and returning to the Sect of the Nazarenes. That’s when Paul got so upset that he said he could not understand how they were so soon going over to the “other gospel,” which was the expression he used when referring to the gospel of the Apostles of Jesus. Then, he declared that even if an angel came down from Heaven with a gospel different from his, he would curse that angel.

And the dissension was getting so ugly also in Antioch that Paul decided to accept the suggestion to take the case to Jerusalem and be judged by the Apostles and Elders. It was then that the Nazarene Council decided to leave Paul alone and revert all their converts who wanted to follow Paul, back to the condition of Gentile that they had been before. Then they sent a letter through Sillas to the once converted Gentiles to adhere at least to the Noahite laws. They were no longer Jews. The main Pauline point was that they did not need circumcision and the Law to be a follower of Jesus.

Now, with regards to Galatians 4:21-31 came the Pauline allegory which became known as the Magna Carta of Replacement Theology with the Pauline invocation to reject the Sinaitic Covenant as obsolete and replace it with the Christian New Covenant. The seed of Replacement Theology had been sown. **

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