Special Crowns in Heaven


The following is from the Catholic Encyclopedia;

*]Very special joys are granted to the martyrs, doctors, and virgins, a special proof of victories won in time of trial (Apoc., vii, 11 sq.; Dan., xii, 3; Apoc., xiv, 3 sq.). Hence theologians speak of three particular crowns, aureolas, or glorioles, by which these three classes of blessed souls are accidentally honoured beyond the rest. Aureola is a diminutive of aurea, i.e. aurea corona (golden crown). (Cf. St. Thomas, Supp:96.)
[/list]I was just wondering, is it by any way possible that someone who is not a martyr, doctor or virgin could earn a special crown and/or be honored beyond the rest? Let’s take this for instance;
Someone holy who has suffered enough on Earth so much that they will not have to go to Purgatory, but he still does extraordinary good works and suffers or gets persecuted for his/her faith. Could special crowns be POSSIBLY given to people who are not specifically martyrs, doctors or virgins?


Maybe this link will help. Especially the last sentences.



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