Special delivery from Planned Parenthood


Anyone seen this yet?! For any parents of teens–look what your kids can now get in the mail, without a medical exam, without a prescription, without your permission:

[FONT=Century Gothic][size=3]…and they can send it on to all their friends’ e-mails. Compliments of our friends @ Planned Parenthood.


It is not available in our area…I do wonder what areas these guys are targeting though…


Hmm. I just entered about 6 zip codes to see, and none of them had this available. The thought actually crossed my mind (PP is devious enough) that they might be cache-ing all of the zips entered in ordered to help target their marketing. Hope not.

I love how they’ll “take a short medical history” at one of their “online health centers” & then ship you their poison
I can’t wait for someone to sue their pants off. Just hope it’s before & not after some poor kid dies from complications that their “short medical history” missed.:frowning:


I also entered several zips and it’s available here and in several surrounding areas that I checked. I don’t see any age restrictions–and I think by state law contraceptives can be made available to anyone 14 or older without parental notice or consent. Makes me so darn mad :mad:with a computer they can come right into your home!!


well if that is the case…than PP is doing nothing more than any other online pharmacy is doing…but how is PP getting away without having a RX for the B.C. that you do need.


What the heck is this?


So technically, anyone can lie about their age or even order it for a friend. How does payment work, I wonder?
I am just gritting my teeth waiting for their 2006 “Choice on Earth” spit-in-my-face greeting card. Grr!


u n b e l i e v a b l e


Well, so far, it’s not available in or around my area. But it’s probably only a matter of time before it will be. :frowning:

God Bless!


Wow!!! Thanks for the heads up…not available here but I don’t trust these folks with my daughter’s life.


According to PP Online health website it is only available in the states of Washington and Oregon


I would guess that they have a doctor on staff that writes “prescriptions” after performing a short “diagnosis” over e-mail…


Honestly, I would love to know what that legal loophole is, that allows a doctor to:
[INDENT]1) diagnose over e-mail and
2) write a prescription for a patient he’s never even seen.[/INDENT]

I have to see my doctor every six months, or I don’t get refills on my meds.

Something’s not right, here.

God Bless!


Did anyone else noitce the comments on the “Have you experiences instant birthcontrol?” flipping thingy?
All the stupid reasons to use birth control apparently…

“tan but no tan lines”
“sings pina colada song when drink pina colada’s”
“mesh shirt”
“garter on rearview mirror”
“flexes his pecs”
“bites his lip when dancing”
“too much beard handling”
“wears pants too high”
“discusses beer bongs”

**Well here’s a thought… “You’re too irresponsible and ignorant to handle birth control of any kind if you’re having sex with men you obviously don’t like, much less want to have a future with! What you need to do is gasp NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM!” You know, it wasn’t that long ago there was a word for girls who would have sex with apparently anyone… even if they didn’t like them. :mad: :rolleyes: **

Don’t women have enough sense to see how this ad insults their morals and intelligence?


I thought they meant that these things were instant birth control b/c they’re turn-offs for women?

This looks like a joke, but I wouldn’t put it past PP to take something as serious as a prescription drug so lightly.

I’ve been hearing on a radio show about how PP is celebrating it’s birthday, which I find terribly ironic, seeing as they want as few birthdays as possible.


What a terrible injustice to the young men and women that this is aimed at. I think that the goal of the flipping/spinning thing is to detach the woman from the man that she’s slept with by highlighting possible annoying habits that a guy might have. Detach her from the man, and then the baby is easier to objectify as well. So an abortion is only a pill or two away without a second thought.


In many areas there are already free clinics that can distribute contraception to minors w/o parents permission or even notification. It’s not as bad as getting free birth control over the internet, but it’s not much more difficult to get a friend to drive you.


Yeah, I thought those stupid little phrases were strange, too. Couldn’t figure out what they were trying to get across to the reader.

If those phrases are supposed to be “turn-ons”, I hope to God our daughters aren’t so naive (or desperate) enough to be taken in by them.

I wonder what they’ll think of next. The pill being distributed by nurses in our public high-school system w/out parental concent?

That may sound a bit far fetched, but then again, I never thought I’d see the day when “doctors” would be allowed to “diagnose” patients via e-mail, then write “prescriptions” for them.

Actually, that sounds wackier to me than PS nurses givng it out.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

God Bless!


**Yes. This is nothing new. It was this way 15 years ago when I was in high school. The school nurse and the “family life” elective class (what a joke btw) and p.e./health told me what all I could get, how to use it, and where to get it for free without my parents knowing.:mad: :crying: **

I know it’s a sin, and I’m honestly working on that side of it, but I HATE PP. Thank God my dh wasn’t the idiot, jack*, s** crazed, doesn’t really care about his girlfriend boy they promote all men as being and I wasn’t too ignorant to know better and can’t say no to sex girl they promote all girls as being.**

And what I can’t stand the most…
IF these young and/or poor clients are that ignorant and that jerky and that irresponsible and that sex crazed - Does anyone really think they can handle making such a medical choice and using it properly?! That does not make sense and the numbers of pregnancies they deal with are a witness to it. All the girls I knew in highschool were testimonies of pure dumb luck. “Oh I forgot my pills over the weekend, so I just took 3 Monday.” “He wore a condom, but it busted.” “I had an appt for my shot last week, but I had a band competition out of town and didn’t make it.” "I didn’t know birth control was a drug, I just thought it was hormones, so** I didn’t think about interactions with my other meds." (I kid you not about that last one.)**

**This was not a case of them not having sex education. Man oh man did we ever have sex education. Everything from putting a condom on banana, to putting diaphrams on those plastic models of female reproductive organs, to viewing a video of a live birth, to having unwed young mothers come in and tell us about how hard it is to raise a baby on their own, or give up for adoption, or worse, to pamplets with pictures of what some STDs look like.:eek: **

It’s not a case of ignorance about bc or sex or consequences. They are not capable of believing it will happen to them and they are simply not mature enough.

I don’t even think this is a religous issue at these ages. It’s just common sense and a health issue.

okay off my box now. sorry. time to grade long division and study plate techtonics.


Actually they are working on it. Several public schools in my county have state clinics run INSIDE the school instead of a school nurse. They are mostly in the lower-income communities at this point and supposedly they won’t use the clinic doctors for your kids w/o permission, but… well I’m not buying it. They market it as convience for the parents and kids. Kid sick at school? You don’t have to leave work, we’ve got a dr right here! Need a sports physical? Doctor is right here! But it’s easy to see it spilling over…

Need birth control? Down the hall and to the right.
We think you’re abusing your chid’s right to decide their medical needs? Medical opinion from our friends right across the hall.
We think your kid needs ADHD meds because we’re sick of dealing with him? Well that dr over there agrees and can give the pill every morning before classes start.

okay seriously I’m going off-line now.

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