Special intention rosary prayers


I am looking for what seems to be the impossible. :banghead:

A while ago I found a “Rosary for Priests” prayer that each of the mysteries is written especially toward priests. I would like to find other rosary prayers for special intentions like Pro-life or illnesses or world peace. I know I can state the intention at the beginning of the rosary but this would seem so much more involved. :gopray:

Anybody have any links they know of or booklets even? :shrug:

Thanks in advance!:blessyou:


Why not formulate your own? Think of a handful of particular Gospel episodes that relate to your intention (to peace, to illnesses, etc) and use them as the ‘mysteries’.

The pro-life rosaries I’ve seen simply use the Joyful mysteries, since reflecting on the events of Jesus’ conception, birth and childhood is an appropriate way of remembering the unborn who are victims of or threatened by abortion, and praying for parents considering abortion for the grace to be open to life and raise their children well.


Here’s a link to a pro-life rosary (plus other pro-life prayers) www.2heartsnetwork.org/prolife.htm - 51k.:blessyou:


I read about a missionary rosary once: each decade was color-coded for the missionaries in the five regions of the world: the Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. The whole world gets its own decade :slight_smile:

I can see how you can pray for all of the God-fearing causes/movements/whatever in all these places.

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