Special meal with Pope Francis in PH: No VIPs

MANILA - Pope Francis has requested a simple meal in Leyte with special guests: survivors of super typhoon Yolanda and the Bohol earthquake.
Palo, Leyte Archbishop John Du gave a sneak peek into the Philippine itinerary of the Catholic church’s top official.
He said Pope Francis will be having a meal with 30 persons. These do not include VIPs, politicians, or famous personalities.
Du said the guests include five from Cebu, five from Bohol, and the rest from Leyte.
He said Pope Francis specifically requested for a typhoon survivor, whom he asked to be seated right next to him.
The pope’s Philippine visit has been set on January 15 to 19, 2015.
He is expected to officiate a mass at the Tacloban airport on January 17, before proceeding to a lunch at the archbishop’s residence there.
He will also bless the Pope Francis Center for the Poor, a joint project of the Vatican and the Palo Metropolitan Cathedral.
So far, only Manila and Leyte have been announced in the itinerary.


Given that we just had another typhoon and the possibility of another volcanic eruption, what are the chances of him extending his list? :hmmm:

he proclaimed solidarity with all victims through one act. expression of sincerity in questions will give a charitable look.

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