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Hi–I’m a convert of 14 years with 3 children, 2 of which are autistic and non-readers. I am stressing out about finding a program so that my oldest (9 years old) can prepare to take her First Communion. We just moved to a new city (Corpus Christi), so I am unfamiliar with the diocese here.

Any ideas would be great! (and if this is in the wrong forum, please direct me)

Love in Christ,
Lara in TX


Different parishes offer different services to parishioners.

This article was in Michigan Catholic and talks a bit about SPRED, which is the Catholic ministry geared towards special needs religious ed. Try to find a parish which is open to it.


I also found out about a special needs program at a local parish through Twitter by"following" the Archdiocese of Detroit.

My son isn’t autistic and is in mainstream Kindergarten. He has a speech delay.

I wish I could give you more information. One of my girlfriends has two severely autistic children, but doesn’t take them to mass because of the severity of their autism. I’m not sure if she’s going to try religious ed when they get older. (They are already 6 and 3.5)

Good luck to you. I hope that you find the parish and resources you need to teach your children the faith. Hopefully, someone from TX/Corpus will be able to answer your question better than I did.


Thank you! I think what I’m going to do is just start going to area parishes so I can find my “home”–then I’ll see what they have to offer. I can always try to do lessons at home–during the summer break. Thanks again for your response!


I’m having trouble getting the link to work but copy and paste loyolapress.com/special-needs-products.htm
or Google Loyola Press.
They have a great series with good parent feedback on special needs programs for the different Sacraments. In your large diocese you may find a SPRED program too. I hope that you find a way to include your little blessings and bring them the gift of faith.


Contact your diocesan office of catechesis.


Some diocese use this program:


And there are others. So, start with the office of catechesis.


PrayPsalm51 & 1ke–

Thanks for the awesome links. I’m excited to know that something exists like this! I’ll report back after my research & calls.


Please check out the National Catholic Partnership on Disability. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has designated this office as their outreach. You will find many resources here. They are headquartered in Washington, D.C. Someone there will also be very happy to help you.


Please be assured of my prayers for you and your child preparing for her Sacraments. God bless you!


This video taught me more about the eucharist than anything that I have ever seen, read or heard in my life. Completely changed me and how I act in Church.



I teach in the Catholic board in Ontario and have a few PDF files on the Sacraments for Special Needs children…not sure how to post them here, but if you email me [edited] I can email them to you…


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