Special Prayer Request for my Pastor


My pastor, Father Joseph Illo, received some difficult news over the weekend. His parents were in a terrible car accident in Pennsylvania and his mother is in critical condition. Please keep the Illo family in your prayers. Mrs. Illo is a holy and happy woman who did much to teach her children the faith and to dedicate them to Our Lady. I was priviliged to meet and speak with her when she was at our parish to help celebrate her son’s 15th annivesary of ordination. Mr Illo has been released from the hospital but is very concerned about his wife (as you can all imagine). Thank you for your prayers.


Prayers going up!


I will pray for her


I will pray for your priests’ parents and for your priest also.


I will pray for all of them.


Thank you, everyone. Please ask for help for our parish too. We are all trying to be very positive and faithful but I think a lot of us wanna just hold our breath until we turn blue to get God to do what WE want about this situation…lololol…anyway, please keep us in your prayers. Thank you all so much.


You got it :thumbsup:

Hope everything turns out okay.


so sad. :frowning:



I’ll pray ,too


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