Special Report: Border crisis reality check

Report is from a TV station in San Diego

Neither Trump nor anyone else has said building a wall would solve everything.

His plan is also against the current President’s “catch and release” program, he will add manpower to fill gaps in enforcement.


Former politicical candidate and country singer from Texas, Kinky Friedman had a solution to solve the illegal immigration problem at the border, and its probably the cheapest, but of course, would never be done.

His idea, hire six Mexican Generals, on the Mexican side of the border.

Put, six million dollars into an account, of which, each general will be paid one million after one year.

However, for each illegal immigrant which crosses the border and we catch, we deduct $50,000 from the $1 million. At the end of a year, whatever is left in the account, is paid to the general.


It’s mostly a joke of course, but in reality, it’s probably the only thing that would work.


A pretty gutsy report IMHO.

For a TV news organization to criticize Obama like that is highly unusual, and refreshing! Its about time somebody unmasks what the real problem at the border is - our President and the welcoming signals he sends to illegals!!!:mad:

If Trump is elected, the signal coming form the top will change drastically and those illegals looking to come here will think long and hard before making the crossing.

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