Special request from US Bishops!

Yes, well at some point, they’re going to have to finally get down to business and act like responsible adults. Waiting…

What the Bishops are asking for is both reasonable and good. Whether it was late or not does not matter!

They’re asking us to pray, which is fine. We should pray for a lot of reasons.

But it does matter what else they’re telling or not telling us, irishpatrick. If they want us to care about this, then there needs to be some assurance that they care about it too, and enough assurance of that to think that they’re going to do what’s necessary and reasonable when the time comes. I see very little reassurance of that right now.

Yes, I see them wildly proclaiming that they “will not comply.” But in practical terms, what does that mean? Exactly? Especially since some “Catholic institutions” are already in compliance, depending on how you define “Catholic.”


Well, they’d better be careful what they pray for. God’s likely to straighten this whole thing out straight as a string, and by his own means. :stuck_out_tongue:

Prayer never hurts, that’s for sure.

I’m sure God won’t mind them praying for a culture of life, marriage, and religious liberty. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there might be this little detail about honesty in there somewhere. What a bummer, huh?

Here is an article on this topic including a video of Archbishope Salvatore Cordileone:

Pelosi’s Archbishop leads in calling Catholics to Pray, Fast and Abstain for cause of Saving Libertycnsnews.com/news/article/pelosi-s-archbishop-leads-calling-catholics-pray-fast-abstain-cause-saving-liberty

There is nothing new in that article. It basically just calls for the same things from the laity the USCCB article did.

Some people like to hear it with their ears. I, personally liked to listen to what Archbishop Cordileone had to say. (" He who has ears , let him hear." :))

Fine. Videos are cool technology. But that doesn’t change the fact that there’s nothing new here.

Well, one can determine that for themseves rather than listen to someone who already has a negative attitude towards our bishops like expressed in post #23.

Certainly, and “one can determine that for themselves” even if they don’t happen to agree with you.

Who’s the bishop of Spokane, Washington? Has he said anything yet about Gonzaga’s decision of last week? They announced that they are going to comply with Obamacare. So is Gonzaga still a “Catholic” university or not?

No one is forcing you to listen to Archbishop Cordileone in the link that I posted.

It’s not only about that video, zab. It’s about the “special request from US Bishops.” That’s even the title of the thread!

I tend to agree with you here. It’ s been frustrating. Although I think bishops such as Cardinal Dolan do seem to be doing a lot I am waiting for the real action/the tough decisions. I will give them the benefit of the doubt though…they may be waiting to hear what happens with the various lawsuits first.

The (American) Church needs to be CLEAR here.

Yes. Agree.

And while we’re talking about universities who claim to be Catholic, this also ought to look familiar. EVERY SINGLE YEAR we go through this same turmoil about commencement speakers. Every year. And every year, the USCCB kicks the can down the road and refuses to deal with it for all kinds of reasons that most Catholics don’t know and they never bother to explain. Well here we are again. And it’s just getting worse, as all problems do if you refuse to solve them. Duh. :rolleyes::cool:


I oppose them all as well. I am simply pointing out that it seems a bit unrealistic to ask God to do for us what we have chosen not to do for ourselves.

Or for letting it get this far to begin with.

Yes, because these kinds of things (child abuse, commencement speakers, wacky religious orders, fighting about sex in public, etc) became so public, so aggravated, so hypocritical and so poorly managed, that it finally made us a target with the general population.

Nice job. :cool:

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