Specific modest dress question


I’m not starting this thread to start a debate as to what constitutes modest dress. I’m sure there are plenty of threads about that already. However, I’m very curious about this in a general way.

I’m transitioning my wardrobe to what I feel is more appropriate for me: skirts/dresses (at least knee-length), no sleeveless tops (without something over or under), no low necklines, etc. As I’ve been making this transition, which is somewhat slow as our budget is very tight at the moment, I’ve found myself more drawn to wearing nightgowns rather than tops and pants.

For those of you who have decided to wear only skirts/dresses, I’m curious if you, too, only wear nightgowns, or if you wear pajama sets. And what contributed to this decision?

Thanks so much!


I tend to stick with pajama sets, but I think that’s because it’s what I have AND because I’m always cold! Everyone else is toasty warm and I’ll be under five or six comforters with pjs and socks on. I had some nursing nightgowns that were cute that I wore during my last pregnancy, but I always felt kind of clumsy trying to nurse in them, so I ended up putting them away with my maternity clothes.

But I’m interested in what others say, because when I was wearing dresses all the time I felt like pants were uncomfortable. Lately though it’s been back to pants because my maternity clothes are mostly long shirts (that just aren’t quite long enough to be worn alone… for me at least, although I think they’d be “dresses” for lots of women today) with pants. Then back to dresses once the little ones born and I can fit in them again. :slight_smile:

P.S. I love the picture in your signature!


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P.S. I love the picture in your signature!


Thanks for weighing in, and thanks for the compliment on Bean's picture!

Also, I read your blog often...it's a great inspiration to me! Keep writing!


I use to wear shorts and a t-shirt to bed but then i changed. Don’t know if there was a specific reason but i felt like sleeping in a night gown was less constricting on me under the covers. Plus living in Houston i noticed that wearing the t-shirt made me sweat more so i moved to the night gown over time after buying one on a whim. I love it. I wear socks sometimes because my feet get cold and only wear pants when it is freezing outside which doesn’t happen often. Thank Heavens!!!

I will say that i now feel more feminine but i think that has to do with my overall change in my personality. I use to be be heavier and didn’t feel very feminine. Always wore jeans and just a t-shirt to cover up. Now that i have lost weight i feel better and my girly side has come out more. I love and prefer to wear dresses now because i feel that jeans and pants accent the one part of my body that i dislike which is my thunder thighs since i walk a lot. Oh well!


Thanks for your input, Beckers. I know what you mean about it being an overall change. That's how I feel, too.


I am like you. I very very cold blooded. Right now i have 5 blankets that i sleep under and i have my heat blanket warming my bed up right now. My question is that i heard that when your pego that you get hot alot. Did this happen to you? Did you become warmer or stay just as cold as normal?


I definitely felt warmer when I was pregnant. But I was also at the end of my pregnancy at the height of summer (Bean was born at the beginning of August) in Florida.

When you’re pregnant, you not only have an extra person you’re carrying around, but your heart is working harder, pumping extra blood through your system.

Then again, different women react differently to pregnancy, so I don’t want to speak for everyone!


I’ve gone back and forth with this one. I used to wear nightgowns only, and in the colder months I would wear long underwear under the nightgown :smiley: I switched to pajamas mostly because I finally got fed up with the nightgowns always getting twisted up around me at night (I tend to switch from side to side during the night). There are more feminine pajamas, but they’re harder to find.

As for the money issue (and goodness can I ever understand) I highly recommend going to your local thrift stores for used clothes. I have found amazing buys on beautiful, clean, and sometimes even new clothes. Just an idea :shrug:



I was warmer last time. I think I’m not quite to that point this time around, although I expect I will be soon! Actually, now that I think about it I have noticed it when I’m standing and sitting in Church. So I imagine it will be all the time before too long!

Thanks! I’ve loved meeting all the women on the forums and blogs! I get so much good advice and it’s been so inspirational. And I learn so much!


Thanks for your input, and for the thrift store idea!

I’m actually trying to re-purpose my denim jeans into casual around-the-house skirts. My first attempt was successful but too short for comfort, but I have another pair of jeans I think will work well as a knee-length skirt. (And super-easy to make!)


I pretty much have the same standards of modesty, I wear mostly pajama sets, some nightgowns (more frequently in the summer). I don’t think it is wrong or immodest or in any way unbecoming to wear pajama sets. They are not meant to be seen, and if that is what’s comfy…go for it. I can’t say I have any profound thoughts as to why …it just seems reasonable. I wear skirts during the day, exercise pants when I exercise, and I wear pajamas to bed…I wear the appropriate clothing for the activity.


I wear pyjamas because I’m always cold too, and they’re really nice in the winter especially if they’re made of flannel :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input, Rachele Ann.

That’s how I feel about pajamas, as well as working out at home clothes, even though I’ve felt more comfortable in night gowns lately. I think when the weather is cool in our bedroom, I’ll find myself snuggling back in my long pajama pants and t-shirts!


I don't understand why this is a modesty question......


I don’t understand how ANYONE can sleep in a nightgown? For lounging around, sure, but to sleep? Unless one is some sort of android who shuts off systems and does not MOVE in the night, they tangle around your legs, and bunch up until you have one big gob of fabric under your armpits. Not exactly a good nights sleep wrestling with THAT.


90% of what I wears are skirts and dresses, since high school. But I grew up already use to nightgowns and giant knee length t-shirts. But I often wear comfy sleep pants to bed too, espcecially in the winter, since my windows don’t close properly, and it’s freezing!


I’m asking because I know many women who choose to wear only skirts/dresses find it uncomfortable to then wear pants at all, even to bed. I was curious how the women here felt about it. That’s all.


Thats my sister’s reasoning in wearing pajama bottoms and a (semi)tight tank top to bed. She has strict modesty rules, as well, and will not be seen by someone who is not family in pants.


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I'm asking because I know many women who choose to wear only skirts/dresses find it uncomfortable to then wear pants at all, even to bed. I was curious how the women here felt about it. That's all.


This is certainly the case with me. I can't sleep in pajamas, they are SO uncomfortable to me. I have several cotton nightgowns, flannel for winter, etc. Unless I am having terrible nightmares or something, I don't have problems with my nightgown bunching up or getting tangled, just as I don't have problems with tripping on my long skirts. I've worn them all my life and that's what I'm used to.

I think when women find it difficult to wear skirts and think they are "inconvenient," it is just because they are not used to them. :) Same with nightgowns, maybe. You learn how to sleep in them without getting tangled. :yup:


I only really slept in night gowns when I was really little, but that’s mostly because my parents didn’t have to buy pjs for me for most of my life. Various relatives have given us huge, over-sized t-shirts since my brother and I were little (at first it was from my grandfather’s work, then my aunt lost a lot of weight, ect.) They used to be night gown length, but not so much anymore :smiley: Most of the time I just sleep with a pair of shorts on under them, because I can’t stand having anything wrap around my legs (including socks) when I sleep, no matter how cold I am.
when I get up, I just throw a pair of long pj pants on for decency’s sake.

I did notice though, that when I got to high school, and my uniform changed from slacks to a kilt, that’s when I stopped sleeping in long pants. I never really thought about it before. :shrug: I wonder if my preference will switch back to sleeping in long pants now that I don’t have a school uniform anymore?

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