Specific question pertaining to impurity

Hi all,

The age old subject: Masturbation.
It’s fairly straightforward, in most instances, to determine what it is, what it isn’t. But my question is of a specific nature…but I have to ask it, since the thought recently surfaced in my mind that what I’m about to ask may go above and beyond the “species” or “kind” of sin and may be necessary to explain in greater detail in confession…or not.

There’s plain old masturbation, like when a young man discoveres it and tries it the first time. Then there’s more devious/unusual or, I feel, disordered ways one might masturbate (devices, “sex dolls,” inanimate objects, whatever). Is it sufficient in confession to simply confess masturbation or do the latter types nessessitate a better definition of the root Sin? Given that they go above and beyond “normal.” I know a priest would ask for more detail when he needs it, but no priest would normally think of those details, espcially since he himself is trying to protect against impure thought.
You just hear people in the news, or radio, or movies or whatever refer to unusual acts of masturbation as “having sex with such and such an object.” So that’s given me pause to think a number of sins from my past, yes my past, had not been well confessed.
So, short form…is using devices, inanimate objects, etc still only the the sin of masturbation, or is this a whole new species and kind requiring more specific language in Confession?

thanks for your input.

Why wouldn’t you ask your confessor this question?

Excellent Advice!!!

I would just suggest that when confessing something like “adultery” or “fornication” (sex outside of marriage), those details of specifics are omitted. The purpose is to confess your sins, and not make the priest endure unwanted mental pictures. I see no difference with masturbation.

Exceptions: If it included a sacramental object then the act also becomes sacrilegious and in that case would need to be specified. Or if a specific item was used to purposely defile that object as a means of revenge or “getting even” with another person.

That is my opinion, as previously suggested, ask your confessor.

I agree with your opinion.


I would think it would suffice to simply say that you use MB devices. That conveys enough information without all the detail.

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