Speck in brother's eye vs. teaching the faith

How do we resolve the teaching, “Before you point out the speck in your brother’s eye…” and the teaching that we’re supposed to inform our brother of when he sins?

My wording of the latter is a little awkward. How about this–there seems to be a teaching that if we are aware that a person is sinning, it is incumbent upon us to tell that person that he is sinning. Otherwise, we are not fulfilling out obligation to teach the Faith.

Well, to look at the fuller passage, Jesus doesn’t forbid people from pointing out the speck in their brother’s eyes. He simply asks us to remove the large beam from our own eyes first.

So we should strive to live holy lives without spiritual blinders on. That makes us more credible witnesses to teach the faith, too.

An excellent question…and as usual - not a simple answer…

Just some quick bullet points…
*]We have to always seek to examine ourselves and we willing to confront our “beams”.
*]Remember that if you are charged with telling another when they sin - they are obligated to do the same service for you.
*]How do you react to being told you are sinful? Is it the same way you hope they will react?
*]If not - maybe this is another beam…:wink:

The important thing (ISTM) is to NOT be more critical of others than you are of yourself…

Hope this helps a little



I think much goes to attitude. When we point to faults, sin, etc. of others we should not do it in a way that communicates “I don’t do that; so, I’m better than you”. Rather, we should come from a view that we each have our bad tendencies to overcome and crosses to bare and with the Holy Spirit within us we have power to overcome them.

Read from Pope Benedict XVI: vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/messages/lent/documents/hf_ben-xvi_mes_20111103_lent-2012_en.html

Do not forget that how we judge others God will use to judge us. :slight_smile:

Not thought that it tis NOT judging to assist a brother in charity to not sin…or to call a spade a spade (such as to say murder is gravely wrong or adultery etc).

a must read…

Thank you for your answers.

The question arose with respect to a person who works under my “management” at the office and who is engaged in a sinful situation. I was thinking hypothetically: what if I said something? It would certainly hurt my relationships with people here, and might cost me my job for meddling in someone’s personal life. I can’t lose my job because I have a family to support.

It’s hypothetical.

Well, I would take into consideration the terms under which fraternal correction would be obligatory: newadvent.org/cathen/04394a.htm.

Generally speaking, “fraternally correcting” someone in your place of work (especially if the person is under your management) would not be prudent nor appropriate. It almost certainly would not rise to the level of being a moral imperative to issue such correction.

Matthew, in his Gospel (7:1-5), recorded that the Lord Jesus said that how we judge other people is how God will judge us. There is a difference between judging people and judging their actions. The first we are not to do, but the second we are to do. :slight_smile:

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