Speed Rosary


Don’t you just hate it when you pray the rosary in a group, and one or more of the “leaders”, pray like they need to be someplace else in 5 minutes? I know I do.


When I was young I thought all group rosaries were said like that. A Protestant friend’s father came to collect his son from outside our local Catholic church and wondered what the congregation were rattling through at such great haste. He described it as loud babbling.

I went to a group rosary at St Cecilia’s on Sunday and was delighted that the rosary was done at a nice pace. One side of the church would recite the first part of the prayers and then the other side would finish it off. The congregation would switch every decade. It was sort of funny because one side preferred the ‘amongst women’ and the other side preferred ‘among women’ for the Hail Marys.



YES, this bothers me too! That’s why I like the Rosary on EWTN with Mother Angelica and the Nuns. . . they pray with a nice, easy pace.


Do you feel holier than the people who pray the Rosary in a different way than you do?


I cracked up when my priest mentioned how some people sound like an auctioneer praying the rosary.


I read somewhere, that St. Padre Pio said something like 15 COMPLETE Rosary’s a day. That is… 150 decades… 15 times a day! :eek: People attested to the fact that he always had his Rosary beads with him, in his pocket. And his hand was on them… praying!

I wonder how fast he prayed? Those beads must been flyin’! :smiley: Because he was always busy… and hearing Confessions, etc. His ability to meditate on the Mystery’s must have been immense! :stuck_out_tongue: He was probably constantly immersed in the Rosary. Awesome thought!

God bless.


Years ago a priest was giving a sermon about praying. He said that we should pray slowly…that if we pray fast it is nothing more than a gesture. I don’t feel so good about myself when I rush through prayers.


And whom (or should I say Whom) will judge if someone is only making a meaningless gesture or not? I would doubt, for instance, that St. Padre Pio was doing so.:rolleyes:


Hey I was just relating what the priest said. And for me when I am praying fast, I am just giving lip service…that is my own behavior. I am strickly speaking of myself and how I am. I’m not saying because I do this or think this way then everybody else does too. Padre Pio is my favorite saint too but he is in a class by himself. Padre Pio also had the gift of bi-locating among other mystical gifts from God…for him to say so many Rosaries was also a supernatural gift. I know also he only slept a few hours a night- Mystics have a great desire to the point it is need to pray & meditate constantly…like we have to breath.
I know that for me, if I tried to pray that many rosaries in one day…I would be like the guy on Jurassic Park…“must go faster, must go faster” It’s like going to the gym and working out real fast…and I don’t have the form down correctly…I just wasted an hour at the gym and I’m not going to make any gains.



We are supposed to pause and bow our heads to the word “Jesus”.

Was it at Fatima, or where was it that Our Lady said something to the effect, that, if only a person would say the rosary with love, even just once in their lives, it would cover a multitude of sins? In any case, apparently, we very rarely say the rosary with the proper disposition. I suppose the more often we say it, the more likely we will have the proper disposition. Don’t know for sure.


No, I am just annoyed when I perceive that people arent praying as reverently as they should.


You must be a traditionalist. You really should just concentrate on your prayer, and on being a good example. Appearances can be deceiving.


I had to laugh when I read this.
When I answer the phone at work, the person on the other end usually says something to the effect of ‘Woah, wait, what, hello?’ and then I have to repeat everything really slowly.
And when I’m typing at the computer, my husband says ‘Are you even really typing words? I don’t think you are. I think you’re just slamming keys and pretending. People don’t really type that fast’'
I’m just not the type of person who can ‘relax’ or slow down. The last family vacation you know what I did? I ran every day, for like two hours. And I cooked. And I cleaned. And I sanded furniture. I LOVED IT! Most people would find it fairly miserable, but, to be honest, I don’t really know any other way to live.
And likewise, I zip through the Rosary.:shrug: I try to slow down, but two Hail Marys later I’m right back up to speed. I slow it down again, and two Hail Marys later, I’m right back up to speed.
I don’t particularly enjoy saying the Rosary in a group setting. It’s…just…so…slooooow!

Can anyone guess what virtue I need to be working on?:wink:

Honestly, what works better for me than the Rosary is reciting Psalms. :shrug: That’s just me.


Yeah, I don’t like a ‘speed rosary,’ either. I found that doing a Scripture Rosary is a good way to slow down and get some good meditating in.


I don’t mind fast prayers at all, they can be fine. :slight_smile:


I have speeded up since saying it more often for years and I am able to recollect myself much faster than I used to regarding meditating on the mysteries. So, now, I get distracted if, in a group Rosary, it is said too slowly. When I’m in front of the Blessed Sacrament tho’ I can take 10 min on a mystery with no problem/distraction:shrug:.

I have seen a number of holy monks also saying the Rosary continually - and while talking or listening. At first I thought it rude of them, but I started to realize that they could “multi-task” in a way that I hadn’t even thought of. It brought the reality of St. Paul’s words about praying continually to a totally new meaning. It really makes a person feel like a totally little child.


I want to listen to these monks and learn from them! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve found a faster rosary can be more beneficial to me because I am less prone to distraction. In some cases it can be good to go slowly too.

I am not someone who is going to say either way is wrong, each person is of a different temperament regarding what is most useful.


I agree, Shin, and people need different emphasis in their prayers as we grow. IMHO the most important thing is to pray, however a person needs to pray. His Grace will take care of the rest as long as we choose to talk to Him.

“Lord, Have Mercy on me!”


I was specifically refering to auditory prayers, not internal prayers. :slight_smile:


But how can any other human tell if someone is only saying oral prayers or is also praying internally and with the needed humility also?

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