Spend your Purgatory on Earth and you won't go to Purgatory after death


Purify yourself by God’s grace through little sacrifices you make, offering them up to Jesus in union with His sufferings on the Cross, whereby they will obtain infinite value. These little sacrifices are penitential acts done in love. If you do everything in love, you make everything acts of love, and these God accepts as a husband accepts everything his wife dose for him in love. Little sacrifices you can make would include such mundane things as eating food you don’t want to, taking the last place, doing something you must but don’t want to, giving your time for others, allowing others to get better stuff than you, and praying for others rather than judging them. God has made you for Heaven, not for Purgatory, but He gives you the means of purging so you can make it to Heaven!


Your great insight is part of my spiritual life…I know I fail often. I believe it is the caveat where I fall short~ “make everything acts of love.” Sometimes I am sure my intentions are not 100% pure…though I still follow through with my action. “Never confuse the act of holiness with holiness.” I struggle with this daily…I can be a great performer ~ I desire only to be a authentic holy person. Not there yet. However I will keep on keeping on…with God’s grace.

Thanks for the spiritual pep talk!


Sounds like a plan.

Hurts, though.

Lots of “ouches”.

Lots of prayer.

[and you can’t let anyone know! … that’s the kicker. You’ve gotta keep it to yourself … and smile.]


Thanks for this post. I think I’m going to go and read St. Therese’s “Story of a soul” again.


I LOVE your posts, Eucharisted!

Does the fact that I have been working on reports in a report writing tool that I cannot stand and is difficult to use count for some time off? :smiley:


Don’t Let Purgatory Be Your Purgatory

There were a few years in my life when I sold new and used cars at Haddad Motors in Pittsfield.

One of the financing tricks that a few of the car companies had was a balloon note.

Your payments would be very low up front, like a lease payment, but at the end of the term, you had to pay for more than half of the car.

Most customers who did that had to refinance again and then were stuck with that same car another five years, after the original three.

Buyers more often saw through the dangers of that option and chose to amortize the entire car with slightly higher payments and no balloon at the end.

Once their loan payments were done, they owned the car outright.

Since the Reformation in the early 1500′s, the argument about whether or not a real place exits called Purgatory has raged between Catholics and Protestants.

I’m not a Theologian, but what I do know is that Jesus makes some interesting statements about our righteousness and how we are to be better than the hypocrites.

Here’s an excerpt or two from today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 5.

Jesus said to his disciples:
“I tell you,
unless your righteousness surpasses that
of the scribes and Pharisees,
you will not enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

Wait a second Pope Jimmy I, that doesn’t reconcile well with John 3:3–”you must be born from above/born again;” my fun fundamentalist friends must be thinking.

Jesus never said in John, that everything I say here today refutes all my comments in Matthew.

The fact is, faith and good works run parallel on the same track.

Here’s the last word Jesus said in that passage from Matthew 5: 20-26

Amen, I say to you,
you will not be released until you have paid the last penny.”

God will not be mocked.

There’s no way, like those car companies, He’s going to have only half of the deal completed by us, especially when He has kept up His end of the bargain with the Body of Christ and the Holy Spirit and all the other benefits we have in the family of God.

Our good works and obedience to Him is comparable to that customer who pays their full share each month, then when done, we own their car outright.

The believer who shuns good works, is like that car customer who wants a lower payment, and then at the end of the term gets hit with a balloon note.

My father used to say often about our sufferings; “offer it up.”

I think He meant, let that good work be as an atonement for sins we and others have committed.

This in no way competes with Christ’s total redemption of our souls on Calvary, but it does enjoin us with Him.

Another thing I remember my father saying often, about Christians who suffered on earth, was that they were suffering through their Purgatory right now.

I don’t like the idea of spending time in a place that may not have the best Trip Advisor rating.

Why would I want to spend my Purgatory in Purgatory if I don’t have to?

Bring on the suffering now Lord, I’ll pay upfront.


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