Spericualtily vs MGTOW

You definitely can take a break from all that dating drama, which let’s face it, can be soul crushing.

I decided to leave all that dating drama behind but then I was prepared to spend the rest of my life single. I was told by several doctors that I would be unable to have kids when I was a teenager so I no longer felt the need to get married and have a family.

If you are able I recommend that you get yourself a spiritual director while you are in "sabbatical " if you know what I mean. Take this break as a period of guided contemplation on your life, your relationship with God and with others under the guidance of a spiritual director. It’s a lot better than frequenting those red pill sites.

Like any other movement, the whole MGTOW has fractured so referring to it that way covers a lot of ground. There are folks calling themselves MGTOW who are downright female haters-- true misogynists who insist contact with women should be kept to the absolute minimum. Others are more-- hey focus on your path and if you run across a woman who is compatible, great, but don’t abandon your goals. She and your goals need to be compatible. Way different views of life.

The internet can be addictive. It also can expose you to groups with very negative views, and in addition to taking time for yourself, it might be good to step back away from the internet and those kinds of websites. Any site that deals in generalities about things like gender will have stereotyping— and again some of those folks on the extreme have downright nasty views. Look around the real world at the real women in life- mom, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, co-workers and ground yourself in reality first.

Also, the problem on the internet and those sites is looking at marriage from a very secular and legalistic perspective vice spiritual. They are completely different-- and in many places-- incompatible views of marriage. No fault-divorce is just not a Catholic view of marriage at all.

Focusing on yourself, understanding who you are and what you want in life is a good thing for anyone prior to thinking about or start pursuing becoming part of a team. As you grow, you’ll start to understand if you are in fact called to marriage, and then be open to being in one. Which should also bring the understanding/desire of wanting to be there for the other person, be truly committed to someone and have their back, try and love them as a wonderful partner God has provided.

Hope this helps a little bit.

Mr. Rod, I understand your situation, and as some have mentioned throughout the thread, the issue runs much deeper. With the rise of the new radical liberalism and postmodernism, it seems that society has become totally bizarre.

It may be difficult to reconcile MGTOW with Catholic teaching (maybe impossible), but if I could suggest one thing, it would be to hold fast to your faith. I believe you reaching out the the Church as a way to discern your vocation is a good first step. If I was in your situation, knowing what I know now, instead of looking into the outside world and becoming disillusioned with the chaos, try looking inward and evaluate if you yourself have your life in order and are striving to become holy. I would recommend you search on Youtube and listen to “How to Raise a Man” by Fr. Ripperger, he gives a good primer on how to recognize effeminacy in men. I have been guilty of this plenty of times and listen to it from time to time as a refresher. Also, keep reaching out to the Church! Remember our Catholic Church has been the foundation of our Western civilization, we need to look towards her now more than ever to regain what we have lost.

Additionally, in a way MGTOW is a vice against the Theological Virtue of Hope. Hope is the virtue by which one awaits beatitude and has confidence in God’s aid. Vice is the road to sin. Since this movement is fairly young, we don’t know of the consequences this will have for men in the long run, or our civilization for that matter. MGTOW almost seems taking on a total lack of hope, giving in to a permanent state of desperation because of the unwillingness to suffer or longing to stop the suffering…a total lack of another virtue, Fortitude. Life is suffering, no one can debate or disagree in that. Just look at our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the cross, suffered for our sins, WILLINGLY. As men, living in a modern world, we have to be willing to suffer for the good, but before that, we must understand what is truly good.

As a speculation, I think MGTOW could lead you to a path of mortal sin…slowly building your resentment and may become pernicious to your soul. I can bet you there are still many holy, traditional-viewing women in the world…loads of them, the key is patience, perseverance, and longanimity (the ability to await the good) if your desire and God’s will is to be married. From your latest response, you expressed you may have a total lack of desire to be married in general. If so, you may want to explore discerning your vocation in order to serve the Lord to the best of your ability, and this may be as a single, virtuous, and Catholic man. Continue praying my friend, don’t lose hope and be willing to persist and await what God has in store for you.

Wish you the very best!

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