Sperm analysis

I think that a man can masturbate for a sperm analysis, if the analysis is made for a good reason. It is indeed the natural way to obtain the sperm.

Incorrect. One can not masturbate for any reason, it is sinful.

If a man needs to collect semen for analysis, the morally licit way is through intercourse with his wife using a perforated condom. They need to be special medical condome that contain no spermicide or lubricant.

Making tiny perforations, with a pin, will allow some sperm through, to maintain the procreative nature of the act. Most of the semen will be collected, and can be taken to a lab for analysis.

God Bless

I have a real hard time trying to figure out how the church thinks that using a perforated condom is not altering the act. How is wearing a piece of plastic not a barrier/disruption to unity? And how is letting a few sperm through, but allowing the vast majority to stay outside of the woman’s vagina not a major barrier to conception? Oh sure, I understand that letting a few through allows the possiblity of conception, but the church doesn’t condemn contraception or allow NFP based on efficacy…so the point seems moot. Seems like an obvious inconsistency, imo.

If there is one thing Jesus hated more than immorality, it is legalism; and this is the epitome of legalism. Christ didn’t suffer death on the cross so man could sit around and dream up rediculous semen collecting protocols. The Lord has truly got to be wondering what is wrong with these people!

Well, there certainly are some problems.

  1. Sexual union is meant to be procreative and unitive.

  2. “Unitive” means different things to different people. Some have reduced it to the physical barrier of the condom negates unity, i.e. there is this thin latex or whatever barrier preventing direct contact.

Now in the case of an infertile couple where doctors are attempting to figure out why, the assumption, I guess, is that there still is a chance of conception, so a perforated condom isn’t contraception.

However, it still interferes with “unity”, in the minds of some. Yet it’s allowed for semen collection and evaluation. :shrug:

Theologians and others paint themselves into a corner when they say that condom use is intrinsically evil, yet it’s OK to use a perforated one for collection.

And what if one is unmarried and wishes to have a sperm analysis done?

Why would an unmarried person wish to have a Sperm Analysis done?

Also, I am not sure, but there may be other ways to get sperm than throught ejaculation

You can’t be interested in your reproductive health if you’re single?
The only method that doesn’t involve stimulation of the sexual organs would involve a syringe (cringe).

Yes - it can be extracted via a needle and syringe from the testicle.



I don’t think knowing about one’s reproductive health would be that important.

That procedure is nothing compared to what women go through to have a child through reproductive technologies. The drugs they have to take are intensive and do horrible things to the body and emotional state. I had one patient many years ago (when I worked at a fertility center) who had such a horrible reaction to her fertility drugs that she lost control of her vehicle and drove it out the back wall of her garage.

Selfishness knows no bounds. Even to the point of taking powerful drugs and sticking needles where they don’t belong.


Wow. Yes, it is incredibly selfish for couples who seem unable to concieve to try and figure out why and to see if it is treatable. Well done, Liz.

Problem with the syringe is, it won’t tell how many sperm are making it out of the testicles.
It won’t show a blockage or some other problem (such as my husbands, a lack of an epidydimus).

It’s not a complete answer to the problem.

Also, if my husband had known about his potential repro problems BEFORE we got married, we might have handled things differently. His mom knew of the possiblility, but hoped it would never be an issue.

It was an issue.
If I had been of a different mind, it might have broken our marriage.
However, I love him, children or not, and we worked through it.

Our son was born with an undescended testicle. It has since dropped, but we are
still monitoring it. I will make sure to mention it to him, and it’s possible repercussions,
BEFORE he gets to dating/marriage age. If he chooses to do a SA (semen analysis) then I will support hiim completely. It’s a medical procedure to fix/determing a medical problem.

One must always use moral means to achieve one’s moral intention. Analyzing sperm is not immoral. But, there are moral and immorals ways to collect it.

Masterbation is *intrinsically *disordered. That means it is disordered by its very nature. It is always sinful.

One may **never **do an evil even if it is for a good purpose or intention.

Collecting sperm via a perforated condom is a *moral *means of achieving this medical testing. As has been pointed out, one may also collect it via a syringe.

Nothing legalistic about it at all. Every Church teaching is always about doing what is right and holy.

Again, the ONLY way to test your sperm completely without intercourse is through a masturbation. A syringe, aside from the discomfort, would miss issues with the “delivery system.” Of course, as someone who doesn’t object to masturbation in general I can’t speak on the issue of it’s morality in this case for someone who considers it immoral in general.

My name is Liza. Not Liz.

I am one of those people. I am infertile - but I know my limits. Pumping myself full of drugs to over stimulate my ovaries is NOT trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Asking my husband to masturbate, committing a mortal sin, is not worth it to me just to satisfy my own selfish desire to have a child. Children are a gift from God, and we are not ENTITLED to that gift, it is given to us according to His will.


Condoms aren’t considered to disrupt the unitive aspect of things because they are a physical barrier - that’s not the reasoning at all. It’s ok to have sex with a nightshirt on too.

Other possibilities - sometimes sperm can be collected through nocturnal emissions, though it won’t work in every case.

It is also possible to cause ejaculation through an appropriatly placed electrical shock. I’m not sure if this would be allowed, my gut feeling is that it would in no way approximate masturbation.

This is not a moral option.

Since the topic was posted on a Catholic Moral Theology forum, one presumes that Catholic answers are being sought.

The Catholic Church teaches masterbation is intrinsically disordred. It is never a moral choice.

Discomfort? :eek: :knight2: :stretcher:

Actually, it’s not the syringe to fear, it’s the needle that’s attached. :wink:

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