Sperm donor passed on sudden death heart defect

CHICAGO (AP) - A sperm donor passed on a potentially deadly genetic heart condition to nine of his 24 children, including one who died at age 2 from heart failure, according to a medical journal report.

Two children, both now teenagers, have developed symptoms and are at risk for sudden cardiac death, the report says. It’s the second documented instance of a genetic condition being inherited through sperm donation.

The latest case highlights the importance of thoroughly screening sperm donors, according to the report and an editorial published with it in Wednesday’s Journal of the American Medical Association.

The San Francisco sperm bank involved now gives all donors electrocardiogram tests to weed out men with genetic heart problems; the study authors recommend that other sperm banks follow suit.

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Yeah, that’s a good solution. As long as we screen the sperm donors better before they ‘father’ 50 children, then we’ll be in good shape. :rolleyes:

The practical & ethical dilemmas that ivf causes can be mind boggling. Let’s pray for people that struggle with infertility & for those that turn to ivf.

Here is an older article but this doctor could have fathered up to 400 children, apparently he was a constant sperm donor as his wife worked at a fertility clinic.

Article jumps on my computer so I hope it is not difficult to read.


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