Spike in cannabis overdoses blamed on potent edibles, poor public education


It’s not poor education. It’s the public who’ve bought into pro-pot propaganda and lies and refusing to accept facts.

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Heather Hudson at the Ontario Poison Centre at SickKids children’s hospital in Toronto, pointing to a rise in the number of cases involving children and cannabis.

“We are certainly getting more calls about children who are being exposed unintentionally,” she said.


Obviously, cannabis should not be put into food or drinks. Make a law…done.


Except it’s going to be legal in Canada in 2019. And we saw an unholy alliance between a booze maker and a MJ grower recently. And there’s no real opposition.


I think it’s being legal is fine. But it needs to be regulated so that even a community full of morons can use it without accidentally hurting anyone. That involves a lot of regulation, just like alcohol.


and there ends the argument you can’t overdose on THC


Incidentally NPR did a story on high-end cannabis based foods recently.



I don’t like the idea that public education is there to preach a right and a wrong.

Because public education is now secular education that right and wrong will be based on secular (i.e. Godless) philosophy.

Public education is failing already. Let it be their to teach scholastics and let society be strong enough for parents, family, church and neighbours to form the ethics of our children.

If this is not working then let us determine why it is not working and fix it not use the public education system an indoctrination centres.

At least in Australia the topic of drugs is necessarily taught to elementary school children each year. To me it is a PC move that does little good.


The argument isn’t that you can’t get too high, it’s that a marijuana overdose isn’t lethal.


Actually you can get too high. Depends on the % of THC .


Edibles are really, really potent. They hit hard 30-60 mins after ingestion. I’ve smoked some weed or two (or three) in my day and only did edibles once because it hits you like a ton of bricks. It was too much for me and I never did it again.

Combine that with people who’ve never smoked/vaped before and don’t know their limits and what to expect, or people who only smoked ditch weed in the 70s compared to the potent weed sold today and there’s going to be a lot of people who have a bad time.

You won’t die but you’ll get really, really high and that’s not fun. I guess there’s a lot of people who are trying it out now that it’s legal who don’t know what they are doing - it’s akin to chugging a fifth of vodka before ever having had a beer first.


You can OD but you won’t die. It’s certainly not pleasant; anxiety and confusion mostly and you could put yourself in danger.
I’d wager that many people over do it with edibles the first time. Ate a very strong cookie once and it was a bad night. Ended up throwing up and was still feeling it in the morning. I’m a lot more careful now.

ETA: I’m in MA so no legal issues using for me.


Also it seems that smoking tolerance doesn’t come into play when you eat it.


No, not really. It’s absorbed via the digestive system, not the lungs, so it has a different mechanism of action. Aborbsion via the lungs is quicker and goes away sooner - no bong hit is gonna last longer than 45 mins, tops, but eating it it probably won’t kick in until the 45 min mark, and at that point you no longer have any way of controlling the dosage. Some people like it, but I was just never comfortable with that period of calibrating how much is enough for THC content, and each strain has different content nowadays. Too much work if you ask me.


The % THC can and has sent people on a one way trip into mental health nightmares. When THC starts approaching 25-30% Houston we have a problem. And that’s been ongoing for a decade or so now.
At least in Australia. We got very good at concentrating THC.


Smoking tobacco is bad.

Smoking MJ is good.

Got it.


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