Spinal Cord Injury Patient Improves Quality of Life After Stem Cell Treatment

A young 29 year old man who suffered a spinal cord injury in a bad car accident has improved after receiving his own Adult Stem Cells in a treatment and therapy. Needless to say, this stem cell success story didn’t occur in the United States. See the story at Stem Cell Research

What is your point. Are you trying to make a case for embryonic stem cell research? The Stem Cell story you pointed out involved adult stem cells which the church has no objection to using in medicine and have shown promise. Maybe you can point out a case to us of embryonic stem cell research being used to heal somebody?

It was a common argument for a long time that embryonic cells could be more flexible. However it has recently been found that adult cells are more flexible than they were previously thought to be. Still the rage will continue regardless. There is no reason to the madness.

Forgive me if I am misinterpreting your endorsement of this practice. I am only curious of your motive.

I went to the OP’s link, and it is pro-Adult Stem Cell and against Embryonic. So it seems that his (or her) motives are in the right place.

Cool, thank you for the clarification.

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