Spiral blue light display hovers over Norway skies


WOW. :eek:

Any ideas on what this is? Could the heavens themselves be opening up before the Obamamessiah as he graces Norway with his presence?! :bowdown:

Seriously, though… this is some weird stuff.

Very freaky! I saw this video on the news tonight. The first thought I had was that it was one of those lights that businesses rent for grand openings and big events and aim up into the sky. Other than that, can’t imagine!

Did you just read about this on drudge? It looks weird!!! Maybe a sign of sorts.


Our Lady of Guadalupe:
While we are discussing unusual events, I recently heard - and looking for more information - the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is on display on Juan Diegos’ cloak in Mexico has taken on another image of a fetus in the womb of the Virgin Mary, but that it appears to be made of “light”, and that this image appeared after the Mexican Government approved legalized abortion.
Has anyone else heard this?

This is old; there was a previous thread on it: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?p=2227346

Best explanation I have heard so far is a rocket spiraling out of control and spewing out fuel. What you are seeing is sunlight streaking through the fuel vapors which are dispersing in the air.


I dont think so and I’ll tell you why Gilliam…

I saw the pix too…and thought, oh theres obviously a tail, it looks like it came from the ground to the right…makes sense it might have been a missile…

But after watching a bunch of videos I found one, and the first segment is just the spiral, starts as a bluish star that gets brighter and brighter…and then larger and larger…

then theres a second clip, a short one, shows the tail and everything up close,

and then theres a third clip, just so we all know which peice I’m talking about its at around the 24 or 24 sec mark…

but you see the bright light, and as it gets bigger/brighter THEN you see the tail shoot out to the ground…:shrug: idk…makes me wonder!

It was allegedly caused by a Russian missile but I don’t buy it. Why would the Russians fire a missile over Norway? More important is the symmetrical attribute of the phenomenon which I highly doubt would be caused by a missile allegedly going haywire nor does it exhibit any of the behavior one would expect if it really was caused by a missile. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this phenomenon was witnessed while scientists were busy colliding particles at record energy at the LHC.

Yeah I don’t buy the Russian missile test or whatever it is either. Apparently Russia has claimed they weren’t running any kind of tests that would explain it anyway.

Also interesting to note is that similar phenomena have been observed before in China in 2008 and 2009 and also in Russia.

There’s some video of it on the BBC website news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8404991.stm

aliens :onpatrol:

It appears to me to be either a Marketing Scheme or a Magician’s Trick.

Think “Lasers” and “Spotlights”.

If you will look at the lower right, just on top of the hill you will see a bright glow, that could be the source of the light tricks.

What I would do if it were me, is I would take a spotlight with the spiral image in front of the spotlight. Think about the Batman symbol generated against the clouds.

Then the next step is take a blue Laser and generate that corkscrew pattern from the center. Then adjust the angle slightly such that one perceives the light to dim and brighten against the sky. Then do it again with a green laser, perhaps swapping back and forth.

Simple Magician’s illusions and tricks, that’s all it is.

Get ready to open your wallets and buy whatever it is they are selling.

my bad guys forgot to put the link in! youtube.com/watch?v=cmxRRlOeTXo

This convinces me even further that is just a light show!!!:cool::cool:

DOODOODOODOODOODOODOODOO looks like something out of a SCI-FI movie-maybe a light show?

The spiral Looks like the thing from the old show “Time Tunnel”

The Great Gazoo, from Obama’s home galaxy, decided it was time to recall him, and sent the Suction Ray to take him back to Baraxus L-14, but it miscalculated it’s point of entry, and instead of getting Obama while he was picking up his gumball prize, all it sent back was a few gobs of dirty snow and some pine tree needles.

Actually, now they’re saying it was a Russian ICBM that went astray: foxnews.com/scitech/2009/12/10/norway-ufo-control-russian-rocket/?test=latestnews

Some stuff on what caused it gizmodo.com.au/2009/12/this-is-how-the-mysterious-giant-spiral-happened/

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