Not sure where to post this so please excuse me it this is in the wrong forum.

My dog was just sitting and staring at the corner for a long time. About 5 minutes. I thought it was funny and told my husband about it. Then he nodded his head and said, “Yep. Spirits. I told you there were spirits in this house”

This pretty much freaked me out because I don’t believe in “spirits”. :eek:I told him this and that it was against our catholic teaching to believe in spirits of people walking around the earth.

He said, “Well, you believe in the Holy Spirit don’t you?” I told him yes I do. But I don’t believe God would allow the spirits of people who have died into homes etc. (The man who owned this home before died)

He said he didn’t want to talk about it. I told him I was checking catholic answers and he shook his head and said I don’t want to talk about it. You believe what you want to believe and I’ll believe what I believe.

This really concerns me and I said so, in a very nice way. I asked him to please speak with me about it. But he stormed off into the garage.

So, it kind of scares me that he believes this. I do believe in evil spirits, from the devil. But not the kind that God would allow into the house. I’m not afraid of that being the case in our home at all. I just feel concerned for my husband and it really worries me.:frowning:

Thank you for any insight you can give me on this!!


It is not against Catholic teaching to believe that God would allow ghosts into people’s homes. Some ghosts are people from Purgatory asking for our prayers while others are demons that are either pretending to be a dead person or are simply haunting the house. However, it is against Church teaching to believe ghosts are people that haven’t “crossed over”, have unfinished business, or don’t even know they are dead.
Either way, if there ever is a persistent ghost, the house should be blessed. In your case, I’m sure your dog was just staring at nothing.


If there are spirits in the house, animals can sense their presence better than we can.

Ive lived in a couple houses over the years that had some kind of spirit in them, Ive seen them with own eyes twice, I never felt dread or fright, nor did I have peaceful feelings, more neutral than anything, however some other people living there did experience dread.

We are just guessing about what they are, in reality we dont know, they may be spirits in purgatory, demons, or they may be something else entirely.

It is interesting though upon some of the apostles seeing Jesus after he had died on the cross, they assumed it was a ghost, the fact they had a term for such a thing shows whatever these things are, they have been around for awhile.


Thank you for your replies! I’m actually shocked:eek: I was brought up believing that God would never allow a spirit to visit you. That was something evil. Guess I have a lot to learn!:slight_smile: It is kind of scary though.


Its only scary because we dont really know what they are, and they are not really common, but keep in mind, I think a ‘spirit’ or ghost has never caused bodily harm to a living person.

They may be able to move things around, or make noise, it seems thats all they can do though.


Sprinkle Holy Water in the house and pray for any lost souls.


Maria Simma allegedly received visits from Holy Souls in Purgatory requesting her assistance through prayers, sacrifices and Masses. Maria Simma died in 2004, but her experiences with the Holy Souls has been documented in an interview and can be found in the book entitled, Get Us Out of Here!!

The book has received an imprimatur, which means it has been reviewed by Church officials and is not contradictory to our faith; therefore, reading the book is permissible.

You can also read an article written about her, which in part is taken from the book here.

I would suggest praying the Rosary and having Masses said for the soul of the previous owner of your home.

God bless,



Thank you so much for your responses. Very kind of you to take the time.

I asked a friend of mine who is someone I look up to as being a devout catholic. Below is what he said:

Of course we believe in angels and demons. Demons could present as ghosts to distract us from the truth.

When we die, we go one of three places. We don’t hang around as ghosts.

We all tend to put human attributes on dogs. Dogs stare for no reason. If anyone were more attuned to the supernatural, it would be US, because we have eternal souls.

It’s telling that there is no entry in the catechism for “ghosts.” Shows that the church doesn’t even think it’s worth clarifying, it’s so silly.


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