Spiritual Adoption Prayer?

Last night’s lesson at catechismclass.com had an unusual prayer request. We students were supposed to add the “Spiritual Adoption Prayer” to our daily Rosary, to be recited just after the Fatima Prayer. No explaination offered. I guess he assumed that we knew what it was about. :eek:

A quick GOOGLE came up with conflicting versions. It seems to have been started as prayers for babies in danger of abortion. I know of none among my family and friends. Am I supposed to adopt a stranger, and if so, how?:frowning:

Another website suggested it not just for babies in danger of abortion, but ALSO for wanted babies in danger of miscarriage and stillbirth. I think we have a pregnant Mother or two in this Forum. Would it be acceptable to adopt one of those? Do I need to ask their permission to do so?:confused:

Thank you in advance for your replies

I know with spiritual adoptions against abortion, the idea is generally that it’s a baby whose identity is only known to God (I suppose this way the help can be given where it’s needed most). It’s done simply by the act of praying for that unnamed child.

Not sure if the same principle applies for adoptions against miscarriage/stillbirth. Certainly if you want to pray for the expectant mothers on this forum as a group you can do so - simply say ‘I offer this prayer for all the expectant mothers on CAF’ or some such.

Yes, it hink for babies in danger of abortion.
Andruschak, this is a beautiful way of helping them. i also pray that prayer everyday.:slight_smile:

Well, OK, this morning I asked Mary to have God assign me a baby concieved today, 21 December, and told her of my intention to pray for that baby for the next 9 months, To pray for someone I do not know, will never know, and will not know of the outcome. But I do it as a gift to Our Blessed Virgin. It seems and feels strange, at first. :o

its absolutely beautiful coz ive a prayer card that says coz you pray for this baby and , you’d have d opportunity to meet this person in Heaven. Maybe u’ll never know that person here, but in the future.:slight_smile:

Yes, but think of all the prayers we offer for the souls in purgatory - most of whom we have never met yet. Hopefully, we will meet them in the next life.

I have never heard of this prayer that you mentioned, but I think it is a wonderful idea. Can you give us the prayer they are suggesting? Thanks.:slight_smile:

Hi, this is the prayer:

Jesus Mary and Joseph I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby that I spiritually adopt who is in danger of abortion.

Thanks, fin!:slight_smile:

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