Spiritual Assignment Question

I’ve asked my priest for spiritual direction and he told me that beforehand I should write up an outline of my spiritual life for him. I have no idea how to do this! What I have so far is more a bullet point list of all my deepest darkest secrets. And I have no idea how to describe what my spiritual life is now or how I want it to be.

I’d really appreciate some help, especially from someone who has been asked to do this or who is a spiritual director themselves. Thanks!

Would it be helpful to graph your life? Like a line graph of how spiritual you were at a particular moment in time. This might help remind you of both the dark secrets and the good parts as well. Who knows, I think this is where I would start.

Spiritual life to me means prayer life, religious education, and also philosophy.

Start with the basics:
-the history of your spiritual life
-where you feel you are at now with your spiritual life
-where you feel you are being called to go with your spiritual life.

Also you could include any saints you are/were drawn towards, any special dedication you feel you have or had in the past (Blessed Sacrament, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, etc.) any certain qualities you are drawn towards (silent spiritual works of mercy/contemplative life, evangelization, physical good deeds, etc)

*Describe your conversion of heart-(the particular event/s that led to your decision to devoting your entire self and life to God.

*List your personal Devotions and how often you practice them (Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Prayers for Priests, Prayers for the intentions of the Pope, the Immaculate Heart, The Scared Heart, Novenas etc.)

*Fasting Habits (or lack of)

*Regular times set aside each day for prayer-Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary, Scripture

*note how often you pray at Mass/ how much time and what you do to prepare for Mass.

*List your Time, Talents and Treasures that you share with your congregation:

-what Church Ministries you participate in.

-groups you belong to-Bible study, KOC, Daughters of Mary, Guadalupanos, etc.

-which Church councils you belong to (Finance, Parish, Altar Society etc)

-Classes you teach-adult Faith formation, Catechism, RCIA, Confirmation, Baptism

How much time you spend with Jesus in Adoration.

Your current Spiritual Reading projects.

How often you adequately prepare for the reception of Holy Communion and the time
spent afterwords in thanksgiving for such a gift.

How often do you receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Do you try to earn indulgences for others.

Describe your relationships with others, esp. your family.

Pretty much just share with your priest your sincere desire to follow Jesus and what
steps you have taken on your journey to join the Kingdom of God!-(one step at a time)

This might help:


I have been guided through this exercise in retreats, you can try it and see if it is what he means.

just draw a line on the paper representing your life up to now, inthe middle along the length of the paper. below the line indicate key events in your life (birth, first day of school, graduation, marriage, birth of children, first job, move, whatever marked a turning point or change).

above the line, mark key spiritual events (baptism, first communion, wedding, first confession, conversion experience or new beginnings spiritually–important retreat, time you were discerning a religious vocation, when you started reading the bible etc)

then on the back do a pie chart or simple list of your average day and/or week and where prayer, and all aspects of spiritual practice–Mass, sacraments, bible reading etc.–fits in to your schedule.

If this represents a big change from a year ago, 5 yrs ago etc, make a note of that fact.

I assume he wants a snapshop of where you are know, and where you have been.

As other posters suggested, I think your director simply wanted you to describe your spiritual practices: mass attendance, prayer, devotions, reading, study, service to others, and so on. This can be very helpful to your director in advising you.

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