Spiritual Attack - Seeking Experience & Guidance

I recently committed to my adult confirmation for this spring.

I have had an anxiety issue for about 8 years now. Tried meds - no good, both doctor and informal counseling - no fix.

Then recently, began to find center mass with my faith. I felt truly at peace for the first time in 8 years. It felt wonderful.

Then - some thoughts came in to my mind - ones trying to convince me I could not be one with Christ. My peace was wrecked.

A few days of spiritual homework and I found I was in God’s grace yet, and all those thoughts were lies. I am still a sinner, but still loved by God.

It felt so not right, and after just a little research, I believe this was a spiritual attack.

Does anyone have any experience with this, and any guidance for the journey?

Most of us struggle at times and sometimes we are sad about our failures, Mark, but yes you are always truly loved by God.

As a mother I understand a little of that kind of love, that is strong and real no matter what happens.
Even if my sons do anything I do not like, or that I think is wrong, I always deeply love them.
I love them more than I could possibly say.

As your loving, perfect Father, God always loves you even when you are disappointment with yourself or make mistakes.
We will only be completely and utterly one with God when we die, in the meantime God holds us deep in His love.

Perhaps when you feel doubt you can say meaningfully, something like, “Jesus, I trust in Your love.”
Speak from your heart and mind to Him with honestly and simplicity.
May God continue to bless and to lead you.

Kind wishes and prayers,

Hi, what ‘research’ influenced you? in your terms, what are your feelings after you read the article? and if applicable, can you say more about how you arrived, logically, that you suspected this to be an attack…? as i may opt out of giving advice, rather to pray only for you…just ask…thx patrick

Your regret about your past sins is good, but not if you don’t let them go. This means that you truly are sorry for your sins (I hope), and if you’ve already confessed, you are in the state of grace.

I suggest that you stick to a prayer routine. This has helped me a lot, though I sort of recently did this. I pray using “Lectio Divina” in the morning, then the Rosary in the night. Choose a time and stick to it, no matter what you’re feeling.

Pray the St. Michael prayer when you feel an attack coming. I suffered an attack by the wicked one right after I came back to the Catholic Church after a long absence. Believe me, the devil does not want you getting close to God, so keep an active prayer life. Exorcists say that demons can’t stand Mary, and will not go up against her, they won’t even insult her. They’ll insult everyone else, even Jesus, but will say nothing against the Mother of God. Try invoking her.

I read some old posts on this topic here, and the similarities were plenty to confirm my suspicion, but in my gut I already knew.

I’d never run around blaming all my wrongs on evil influence - I’m a sinner and I know it. But I think this is a topic left out of far too often, even in our youth education.

Thanks Boomerang - I will try your advice.

Love and Peace to you all.

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