Spiritual battlefront

I have a question. When I was praying the Rosary for Adam82’s friend, I felt a lot of distractions, more than normal; plus hearing phrases yelling at me to stop praying and hitting me with temptations of pride. I finished the Rosary, thank God; and I’m curious if such things are to be expected in cases of praying for a possessed person?


Don’t know but PRAY EVEN MORE!

I mean satan is probably scared out of his wits right now- he hates the rosary, so I would imagine he (satan) was trying to stop you. keep going. i"ll offer up a decade while I study.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. Keep up the good work.

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The pride thing can be really distracting can’t it ,baffling…sometimes I just implore Jesus and say You know how I feel,I offer it to you.Its a cruel tactic of distraction I reckon and can undermine confidence in prayer somehow

Perhaps NOT " normal" BUT not unheard of either

Begin by asking Mary to block satan and with CONVENTION saying BE GONE SATAN; I BELONG TO JESUS AND MARY

KEEP praying the Rosary!

God Bless you and May MAry come you your aid too

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Thank you all :blush: I will.

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I used PJM’s idea and it worked. The distractions were less and I understood the Mysteries better. :blush:

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