Spiritual Book You Are Reading


I’m currently reading Fr. Thaddeus Lancton’s Stepping On The Serpent. Anyone here ever read it?


Havent read it or heard of it, but I will sure check it out. One thing interesting about your current read you would share ? Right now I am reading “As Bread That Is Broken” by Peter G. van Breemen, SJ
Peace be with you


Father belongs to the Marian priests at the Divine Mercy Shrine.

Peace be to you too, and God bless you!


I just downloaded the Philokalia. Started reading it a while ago and got busy. This time I bought it instead of borrowing.


Just looked him up, young fella ! His website has some blogs and all…thanks for the thread. I love to read


I saw this book at my church library.
They have a nice selection of books…
About 200 books…
Opened it up, browsed through it -
Signed it out !
He was a Jesuit Priest. Died at age 55 in 1987.


I love to read too. Always have. I’ve got a stack of books awaiting me. Used to read a lot more before the internet. I’d like to go back to reading more and spending less time on the computer.


I am all over the place in my spiritual reading.


The Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton


I think I read that book at least thirty times in my life. The first time was in 1973. Almost know the book by heart. I love that book.


I rereading “The Imitation of Christ” as part of my daily reflections.


Getting ready to start The Popes Against Modern Errors edited by Anthony J. Mioni


A biography of Edith Stein, St Theresa Benedicta of the Cross.


Me too. Do you have the Knox translation?

I’m also reading Thomistic Evolution. (If you’re interested, there’s a website with everything in the book and a link to buy the book at thomisticevolution.org )


I’m reading St. Augustine’s Anti-Pelagian writings right now. I also just got a book containing some of his sermons. He’s a saint for our days.


The Imitation of Christ by Thomas á Kempis. The Baronius edition which is the Bishop Challoner translation.




I find myself drawn to his writings lately as well. He must have suffered a lot. I’m not talking about physical suffering, but suffered just being himself with the past he had. We often forget that these men and women struggled like we do and weren’t born saints. Their sufferings well borne made them so.


Could you be more specific? She is a favorite of mine and I may not have read this particular bio.


This precious volume is my constant companion. Dare I say, sometimes I think I have a more profound attachment to this little book than to Scripture! I think it is because of the parts where Christ speaks directly to the reader. It is really like you are having a one-on-one conversation with Him.

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